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Potentially Cover Your Costs with Compensation After an Accident

Gavel With Money

Getting into any sort of accident can be a traumatic experience. In the heat of the moment, you may not realize you have suffered injuries. First and foremost, it is important to consult with a doctor. Symptoms of injury are not always obvious, but a trained medical professional can identify any issues. Injuries from an… Continue reading

Do You Feel Alone as the Victim of a Crime in Atlanta?

blue lights on a police car

Nobody wants to become the victim of a crime. If you have been physically assaulted, sexually assaulted or shot, you may wish to make an insurance claim. Although a policy may cover losses such as wages or the cost of medical treatment, there is no guarantee the insurance company will pay out. Dealing with the… Continue reading

Brighter Days Can Lead to Traffic Accidents in Atlanta

two cars collide, drivers shout at each other

Brighter days can lead to increased traffic in Atlanta. Both scenarios can also spell trouble, as the likelihood of accidents may also increase. Most drivers know to slow down or take extra care when driving conditions are compromised. However, it only takes one mistake for a collision to cause injuries or result in loss of… Continue reading

Winter Slip and Fall Prevention

putting a bandage on the arm

Winter weather in Georgia can change rapidly and make conditions hazardous. Even walking on rainy sidewalks can seem more treacherous during the cold winter months. While winter weather can be hazardous,  by following these tips, your risk of a slip and fall injury can be greatly reduced. Here are some tips to protect yourself from… Continue reading

Are Opioid Manufacturers Responsible for Damages?


Opioid pain medications are used mostly to treat moderate to severe pain. Usually, this is chronic pain that hasn’t responded well to other pain management methods. While they are useful, they are also dangerous and a prescribing doctor needs to closely monitor any patient taking opioid pain killers. Even then, these highly-addictive medications can quickly… Continue reading

Is it Malpractice?

Faulty Medical Equipment

According to a 2016 Johns Hopkins study, medical errors are responsible for over 250,000 deaths per year. This alarming statistic suggests that medical malpractice is more prevalent than most people think. Malpractice Defined Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor or other healthcare professional causes injury or death to a patient through a negligent act… Continue reading

Enjoying the Holidays Safely

Car Accident Atlanta GA

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but increased traffic combined with winter weather can cause an increase in traffic accidents. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe on the roads so you can have the happiest of holidays. Be Aware of Old Man Winter Winter brings unpredictable weather that… Continue reading

Were You Injured in a Criminally Negligent Shooting in Atlanta?

yellow tape with text 'crime scene do not enter'

A shooting may not be intentional, but that does not mean you have no right to recourse. Even if the person who fired the shot is not convicted in court, you can still pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. A common example that is used to describe a scenario where an individual is shot… Continue reading

Medical Malpractice and COVID-19 Measures

doctor looking at an xray

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every aspect of our society, but none was more affected than healthcare. Medical facilities immediately adopted measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect staff and patients. Now, months into these adaptations, many patients feel that they receive lower quality or even less than adequate healthcare. Harman Law wants… Continue reading

Potential Medical Malpractice at Georgia ICE Detention Center

woman sitting on the ground and crying

Currently the subject of investigation, a whistleblower allegation of mass sterilization of women at an ICE detention center has shocked the nation. The facility, located in Georgia, houses a large number of Spanish-speaking women who are being held under immigration laws. A nurse-practitioner who worked at the facility, Dawn Wooten, is identified as the whistleblower… Continue reading

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