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Have you been the victim of a crime such as a shooting, assault, rape or other violent attack? Chances are, your life has changed dramatically, including your relationships, family and your job. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have a permanent disability. While you deserve the opportunity to put your life back together, you may find yourself victimized again by insurance companies and their refusal to pay claims for damages. This is why it’s important to contact an experienced and trusted personal injury and crime victim lawyer that will go the distance  to get justice in your case.

The Harman Law Firm represents clients in Georgia and surrounding states who have been seriously injured or victimized by crime, due to the negligence or wrongdoing of individuals, businesses or organizations. We understand that many crime victims do not realize that monetary damages can be recovered for criminal acts that prove negligent. We work diligently to help victims of many crimes including:

  • Victims of murder
  • Victims of kidnapping
  • Victims of armed robbery
  • Victims of rape
  • Victims of sexual assault
  • Victims of battery
  • Victims of stalking
  • Victims of sexual molestation

In cases where there is proven malicious intent and infliction of pain and emotional distress, including school abuse and exploitation, the team at the Harman Law Firm has the necessary resources and knowledge to aggressively defend clients that have been injured physically, financially and emotionally. For a free consultation to discuss your injuries and your potential claim, call the Harman Law Firm today. You need to know your options.

Elements of Negligence and Intentional Torts

Many elements come into play when determining whether an individual, business or organization has acted negligently or recklessly. In turn, there are instances where harm has been inflicted on others intentionally. When it comes to criminal negligence and intentional torts, it’s important to understand that laws vary from state to state, and there are a few important distinctions to bear in mind.

In essence, when a person falls short of fulfilling an obligation or if the person breaches a legal obligation to ensure the safety of others, they may be considered criminally negligent. Yet, while their behavior may be reckless with a lack of regard for others, what happens to others as a result of this behavior is not always intentional. For example, suppose someone shoots a gun in their yard, intentionally breaking the law in their state. Imagine that the shot injured his neighbor. Criminal negligence includes putting an individual’s life in harm’s way by disobeying laws that are put in place to provide protection. Thus, this person could be deemed criminally negligent. Even so, owners and occupiers of land have a specific duty to take necessary steps to provide protection against any foreseeable criminal activity for anyone that visits their property. When land or property owners fail to do this, it is known as:

Negligent security cases can result in opportunities for intentional harm to be inflicted upon individuals. A few examples of intentional torts include:

The area of negligence and intentional torts are riddled with complexities and considerations that are unique to every individual and circumstance. With proven experience and compassion for their clients, the team at the Harman Law Firm realizes that there is not a cookie cutter approach for crime victims cases. We take ample time to thoroughly understand your injuries and circumstances, with special consideration to your goals and what’s needed for you to move forward, both physically and financially.

For a free consultation to discuss your potential claim, contact the crime injury attorneys at the Harman Law Firm in Atlanta.

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