Our Vision

The Harman Law Firm believes that every case should have a chance to be heard.  Navigating the civil justice system is difficult in even the best cases.  It is particularly difficult in legally and scientifically complex fields such as medical malpractice, civil rights, and wrongful death litigation.  We believe too many cases are turned down by personal injury attorneys because the defendant denies wrongdoing, the defendant has a powerful insurance company, or the defendant is a government agency.  We have developed and honed skills in these complex fields so that we can give difficult cases a chance and help give a voice to the voiceless.  If your case was turned down by a firm that advertises quick settlement checks, don’t give up.  The Harman Law Firm should be your next call.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled litigators. Our attorneys were trained at Harvard Law School, Emory University School of Law, and others.  The Harman Law Firm draws on decades of experience in highly specialized and complex fields of litigation to bring individualized representation to each unique case.