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Treatment at a nail salon.

You may already know there are some risks of using nail salons, and you may try avoiding some of the more notorious ones in your neighborhood. However, using any salon carries some risk of injury, even the cleanest and most reputable. It’s important to understand these hazards and who is responsible for them if you are injured. You may even have legal options.

Licenses and Regulations

All nail salons in the state are regulated by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers. They’ve established the minimum qualifications for every salon technician, like licensed schools and apprenticeships. Instructors must pass additional requirements to ensure new technicians are adequately trained. Every nail salon tech must also apply for a license that must be maintained every odd year and displayed prominently within the salon.

Types of Nail Salon Injuries

Many salons and technicians are skilled and careful in their work. However, accidents, faulty equipment, not paying attention or lack of proper education or experience can lead to injuries. What injuries are possible at a nail salon?

  • Damage from unapproved instruments designed to remove calluses or cut the skin
  • Burns caused by steamed towels or hot water used in pedicures
  • Reusing disposable tools or failing to sterilize others, causing infection
  • Buffing nails too thin or over-buffing surrounding skin
  • Using UV/LED curing devices inappropriately to speed cure times

Personal Injury Liability

Unintentional injuries in the salon could mean that the salon’s technician or owner is liable. Not every injury sustained will result in a personal injury claim. However, if it does, you could be compensated for any medical bills due to the encounter, lost wages or pain and suffering. You should be aware that the tech or salon could appeal the claim, stating that you used their services with an assumed risk. Another defense could be that you already had an infection when you arrived.

Have you experienced a cut, burn, infection or other injuries after visiting a nail salon? You may benefit from filing a personal injury claim. To learn more about your options, call one of our conveniently located Harmon Law offices in Atlanta and Augusta today to schedule your free consultation.

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