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Have You Fallen Victim to Negligent Security?

Inadequate lit garage with parking spaces.

One of the areas of law that victims may not know about is negligent security. Landlords and businesses have legal duties to offer protections to tenants, patrons and other individuals on their properties. This duty includes ensuring that a property is reasonably safe from criminal activity. If sufficient security measures are not in place and… Continue reading

Can Inmates File a Personal Injury Claim?

Arrested in Handcuffs

Prisoners housed in a correctional facility may be serving time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. There are guards and prison governing bodies tasked with keeping prisoners safe. This includes providing secure premises, reasonable protection from violence and access to proper medical care. When things fall through the cracks or are intentionally ignored,… Continue reading

Why Are Vehicle Accidents So Common in Springtime?

Car Accident

Springtime is a time of change, and those changes can contribute to the increase in traffic accidents that we typically see. Those injured in a vehicle accident should consult with an experienced lawyer about their options before making any official statements. But why are traffic accidents more common in the spring? Changing Weather Conditions We… Continue reading

Have You Been Injured by a Drunk Driver?

Car Accident and Fire Truck

In the age of easy-to-find ride-sharing and designated drivers, drinking and driving should never happen. Unfortunately, over the past holiday season, the poor judgement of many individuals led them to get behind the wheel of their vehicles drunk. The people they harm in an automobile accident may suffer life-altering injuries. Sometimes the extent of the… Continue reading

Four Fast Facts About Medical Malpractice in Georgia

Doctor and Heart Patient

Like all areas of law, medical malpractice is complex. Any time an individual trusts a medical professional to provide advice or treatment, there is an expectation that the highest standard in care will be delivered. However, not all instances where treatment does not result in desired outcomes is considered medical malpractice. It is important to… Continue reading

What Is a Qui Tam Action?

Gavel With Money

The False Claims Act (FCA) originated to protect the Federal Government and taxpayers from fraud against the United States. The Attorney General of the United States oversees one part of the FCA. However, the Qui Tam provisions allow private citizens to file lawsuits on behalf of the government. The phrase Qui Tam is a shortened… Continue reading

Winter Increases Auto Accident Risk

Car Accident

Even though thoughts of winter turn to cozy indoor activities, auto accidents rise during this season. Here are the most common causes of wintertime auto accidents, and ways to keep yourself safe on the roads. Winter Auto Statistics Wintertime driving leads to some pretty shocking accident statistics. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 24%… Continue reading

What to Know About Benzene Sunscreen Cancer Exposure


Every day, you faithfully apply sunscreen to protect yourself from developing cancer from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Recent research has discovered that your sunscreen may be harming you. An independent pharmaceutical analytical testing company named Valisure Inc. recently discovered that 78 sunscreens from 69 companies contained a cancer-causing chemical called benzene. Here’s what you… Continue reading

Philips CPAP Device Recall

cpap mask

Over 8 million people use CPAP machines in the United States, and this number is expected to increase by around 8% each year. This machine has helped many who suffer from sleep apnea to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, but a recent recall has many questioning the safety of these devices. What is CPAP? CPAP… Continue reading

Everyday Injury Risks

Injured Person

Every individual goes about daily life with a certain sense of safety. Whether driving to the store or walking to the mailbox, most life activities come with the expectation of a relatively uneventful journey. Even activities such as taking kids to the park, shopping in the mall or catching up with friends in a coffee… Continue reading

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