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Harman Law Firm attorneys maintain a practice focus on defective drugs and medical devices

Most people are shocked when they learn that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not test the safety and side effects of medications and medical devices. Instead, the FDA allows a drug company to test its own drugs.

Over the years, the business of prescription medication has become more competitive and much more profitable. Drug companies are constantly pressured by their management to release new drugs and to increase sales of old drugs. In some cases, competition from generic drugs also puts pressure on drug companies to move through their research and development as quickly as possible.

Too often, drug companies ignore safe practices and intentionally fail to conduct medical testing that would reveal potential side effects, instructions for safe use, and preexisting conditions that increase the risk of injury. In some recently published news, drug companies paid fines for withholding safety information.

By the time the government steps in to force the company to recall the drug (or to issue a proper warning), thousands of patients have already been harmed. And these pharmaceutical giants start the cycle over with a new drug.

At the Harman Law Firm, we have the resources and experience to take on drug companies who refuse to operate safely.  We will hold them accountable.

This website has information on many different types of drugs, but there are others that can harm patients. Explore the pages on this site’s drop down menus located on the homepage, as well as our blog for news on drug and medical device safety, recalls, class actions and patient alerts.

If you or a family member has taken a medication and experienced severe and negative health effects afterward, you need to know your options. Contact us online for your consultation or by calling (404) 554-0777.

We believe every patient deserves the right to justice if harmed by a drug or defective device. Sometimes that means taking a case to court, sometimes that means agreeing to a settlement. But at the Harman Law Firm, we are not quick to make a settlement just to move a case through. Each patient, each case is unique and it is our mission to find justice in whatever method is best for the patient and their family.

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