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The drug Depakote® (valproate) is being investigated for causing birth defects of children born to mothers who took the drug during pregnancy. The drug is prescribed for patients suffering migraines, experiencing psychological conditions including depression or mood swings, seizures, epilepsy and other conditions as determined appropriate by physicians.

Harman Law Firm attorneys are investigating and will be filing lawsuits on behalf of families whose children have birth defects after their mother used Depakote® during pregnancy. Contact our office immediately by calling (404) 554-0777 if you believe your child has been affected, as there may be a time limit to file a claim for compensation.

Types of birth defects that are alleged to result from a mother’s use of Depakote® during pregnancy

The FDA indicates these birth defects are said to occur four times more often in children whose mothers had epilepsy and were taking Depakote® (valproate). The Harman Law Firm is investigating the frequency of the defective drugs for mothers who took the drug for epilepsy and the other conditions listed above.

Autism: Autism is the condition where children have a difficult time relating to the world and people around them, resulting in strain on families trying to find the best treatment and potential earning potential in the child’s future. There are various degrees of the condition, called the autism spectrum disorder.

Decreased IQ scores: Another mental/emotional effect where a child’s intellect is tested as significantly lower in children born to mothers who took Depakote than mothers who did not take the drug.

Spina Bifida, Heart and Neural Tube Defects: These are physical manifestations of the condition. Both involve an organ or structure in the baby’s body did not fully develop. In Spina Bifida, the spine may be incomplete, or open, or other malformation. In a baby’s heart, there may be holes, malfunctioning valves, or other incomplete development.

The FDA is continuing to monitor the drug’s safety. The Harman Law Firm will keep watch and post new information as it becomes available. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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