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Many people rely on sunscreen to help protect themselves against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The SPF in sunscreen is beneficial for keeping your skin healthy from sunburns and sun poisoning. Consumers rely on manufacturers and companies to include ingredients in sunscreen products that are safe to be applied and absorbed into the skin. Sadly, there are times when products become defective and can cause significant harm to your health and well-being.

Recent evidence has emerged concerning dozens of popular sunscreen products being contaminated with the chemical benzene, which is known to cause cancer. In July 2021, Johnson & Johnson recalled several sunscreen products with high levels of benzene. The pharmaceutical analytical company Valisure Inc. conducted independent testing several months ago on various popular sunscreen products.

The study showed about 78 sunscreen products from 69 different companies contained more than three times the FDA-approved limit of benzene. The benzene sunscreen cancer lawsuit lawyers at Harman Law Firm help victims in Georgia fight for their rights against these defective products.

Health Risks of Benzene Sunscreen Exposure

Benzene is an organic compound found in various products such as plastics, pesticides, crude oil and gasoline. This chemical is not typically found in sunscreen products and may be the result of manufacturing contamination. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified benzene as a known carcinogen. There are numerous health risks linked to benzene sunscreen exposure. The National Cancer Institute says benzene exposure can put individuals at risk of developing leukemia and other blood disorders.

According to scientists, long-term exposure to benzene may cause cancer by damaging DNA within the bone marrow. Benzene sunscreen exposure can also cause anemia, excessive bruising, uncontrolled bleeding and a compromised immune system. The emotional and physical toll can have a devastating impact. Individuals suffering from these health conditions may be unable to work or care for their families. If you are concerned about exposure, our experienced benzene sunscreen cancer lawyers can discuss available legal options with you.

Benzene Sunscreen Recall

Several companies have issued a recall after benzene was discovered in their sunscreen products. Johnson & Johnson recalled several Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreens. Other popular brands with recalls include Banana Boat, Coppertone, Equate and TopCare. You can visit Valisure’s website for a complete list of recalled products. If you believe you have been exposed over a long-term basis, get medical care as soon as possible and contact a benzene sunscreen cancer lawsuit lawyer.

Compensatory Damages for Benzene Sunscreen Cancer

Individuals who develop cancer from benzene sunscreen exposure may be able to recover compensatory damages. This compensation can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering. Class action lawsuits have recently begun against the companies involved. Expected causes of action include product liability and negligence claims.

If you were diagnosed with cancer after using a recalled sunblock, contact a benzene sunscreen cancer lawyer to discuss your claim. Make sure to save any used bottles and receipts of purchase. An attorney can determine if you may qualify to receive compensation for your injuries through filing a lawsuit.

Expert Georgia Legal Advice for Benzene Sunscreen Exposure

The effects of benzene sunscreen exposure can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. When defective products cause consumers harm, the manufacturers and companies responsible should be held accountable. If you use sunscreen and have recently developed cancer, you may want to consult with the knowledgeable sunscreen cancer lawsuit lawyers at Harman Law Firm for legal advice. Our law team is dedicated and passionate about being advocates for victims of defective products. Schedule a consultation today.

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