Xarelto®, marketed by Bayer as a oral prescription blood-thinning drug, is being investigated by the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm after showing signs that it increases the risks of serious bleeding, stroke, and blood clots among certain types of patients.

Is Xarelto a safe alternative? Not so, say several thousand lawsuits filed in courts across the country

Considered at the time a “blockbuster” drug with far greater protection and success in thinning the blood to prevent heart attacks and other dangerous conditions, the medication has in fact been linked to the very injuries it was designed to prevent.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices indicates blood anticoagulants including Xarelto were among the FDA’s most reported “suspect drugs” causing disabling or fatal injury.

Xarelto Risks

Researchers linked Xarelto to an increased risk of bleeding for patients who are acutely ill and taking blood thinners to reduce the risk of blood clotting.  Other warnings while taking Xarelto include:

  • Individuals with acute medical illnesses taking this drug triple their risk for major bleeding
  • Patients who suffer from Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) also triple their chances for major bleeding
  • Patients undergoing hip surgery double their chances of severe bleeding while taking Xarelto

Other blood-thinning drugs usually have a counteracting drug to reverse the effects in case of an adverse reaction.  There is no counteracting drug to reverse the effects of Xarelto.  If patients experience major bleeding while using the drug, it will increase the risk of severe injury or death.

If you or someone you know has experienced serious bleeding, stroke, or blood clots while taking Xarelto, contact our office or call 404-554-0777 today.

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