Experimental Drug Side Effects

Experimental drug side effects causing serious, life-threatening conditions is an emerging area in patient protection litigation against defective drugs.

In just the last two years alone, experimental drug side effects and deaths have been at the center of numerous lawsuits, some settled quietly and confidentially but leaving other patients seriously injured or sick

Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for the next blockbuster drug to replace their top selling (and most expensive) drugs because as soon as the drug is available in generic (and cheaper) form, those huge profits go away.

In the rush to market their new drugs, sometimes corners are cut, including the safety protocols for human test subjects. Some say that the rapid research and development timelines have pushed companies to test new drugs in other countries with less stringent experimental drug side effects safety requirements. For examples, see links below for news stories and the link to the film “The Constant Gardener,” based on the John LeCarre book which detailed deadly drug trials held in Africa by American drug companies.

Why do patients agree to participate in drug trials when there is potential for experimental drug side effects?

There are a variety of reasons a person with a disease or condition would agree to participate in a pharmaceutical research study (i.e., human drug trial). They may:

  • lack health insurance and have no other way to get treatment of any kind;
  • be at a point of little hope, with no recourse except to try something experimental as approved treatments have not worked;
  • wish to be a part of something that will save lives in the future; and/or
  • have other reasons

When a person signs up to participate in a drug trial, the researchers are supposed to warn the patient about the risk of potential injury.  But there are instances when the researchers know of significant risks that they do not warn about.  Or the pharmaceutical company may withhold the warnings from the researchers themselves. Either situation is wrong, and for many patients and their families, filing a lawsuit may be their only recourse for justice and compensation.

What can an injured patient do? Why choose the Harman Law Firm?

In his former life, Harman Law Firm founder Matt Harman defended Fortune 500 companies (including pharmaceutical companies) while a partner at one of the largest law firms in the world.  His knowledge of how the pharmaceutical industry fights injury cases provides a unique advantage to his clients in settlement talks and in the courtroom.

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