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The hard truth concerning guns is that no matter how many limits society places on them, they can still end up in the wrong hands. All too often, the outcome is horrific or fatal. While shootings are more common in poor urban areas with a history of violent crime activity, shots can be fired anywhere at any time, leaving crime victims shocked and feeling helpless.

Most understand that the person who commits a crime is likely to be arrested, and may spend many years in jail. Yet, what many do not realize is that the owner of the property or entity where the shooting took place may be liable through a civil action. For instance, if an individual is shot at an apartment complex where lighting was insufficient or there was no security patrolling the area, this could be considered a negligent security case, especially if previous crimes have been reported in the area. This is why shooting victims are encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience and resources needed to fight for justice and compensation on their behalf.

As skilled personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, the Harman Law Firm brings the knowledge and experience needed to help victims and families get back on their feet in the wake of serious injuries or death from shootings. Because your circumstances are personal and unique, we do not rush to make a settlement. Rather, we spend the necessary time to thoroughly understand your goals and your needs—both present and the future. When you’re the victim of a shooting, the physical, financial and emotional pain can last for a long time. We want you to recover from your injuries without worrying about your future. Let the Harman Law Firm be your advocate for justice and the right compensation!

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Experienced Representation for Shooting Victims

Shootings have the power to leave victims and their families feeling helpless. While physical injuries can be debilitating, mounting medical bills and time away from work can add mental and emotional anguish.

For shooting victims that desire a fair and just resolution for their injuries, the team at the Harman Law Firm provides the experienced representation they need. We pursue justice through the legal system, and we believe that this is the true way to seek compensation for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other life-long effects.

If you’ve been harmed or affected by a shooting, we believe that you have a right to justice. As seasoned attorneys with a practice focus on personal injuries, we know the many complexities involved in these cases, and we are fully equipped to fight on your behalf. You need to know your rights.

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