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Are you uncomfortable in your own work environment due to the sexual harassment from another employee? It can be difficult and intimidating to navigate a sexual harassment lawsuit alone. Consequently, many crime victims silently suffer the physical, emotional and mental anguish of the situation. We invite you to turn to the experienced lawyers of Harman Law Firm for help. Our legal team brings decades of experience to your crime victims case, including dedicated knowledge in defending clients who have experienced sexual harassment at their workplace, living environment or school.

Sexual harassment is defined by law as any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile or offensive environment. For the victim, it can be very difficult to report a sexual harassment. Not only do victims question or doubt whether the offensive comment or action is legally defined as sexual harassment, but many victims also fear retaliation, which is especially common in a workplace environment and when the harasser is the manager or boss.

Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

If you are the victim of sexual innuendos and inappropriate behavior at work that is making you uncomfortable, it is often in your best interest to speak to a lawyer before you report the crime. Sexual harassment cases are often emotionally charged and are not always clear-cut. As your lawyer, we will do everything we can to help you navigate the lawsuit as well as protect your future.

At Harman Law Firm, we are qualified to help you with every step of your sexual harassment lawsuit. Our lawyers will begin by determining where the offense fits into the legal definition of sexual harassment. Remember that sexual harassment is not limited to inappropriate physical contact and can include comments about your body, graphic/vulgar language about sex or emails of a sexual nature. Our legal assistance involves helping you prepare to report the harassment to your employer as well as protecting your rights throughout the investigation.

We can ensure that the investigation is performed under proper legal terms, without discriminatory or negative impact on your employment. As your trusted crimes lawyer, we will also help monitor the response of your harasser, which includes documenting any cases of retaliation as well as future sexual harassment. We understand the most common fears and hesitations of victims reporting sexual harassment. Our legal experience can bring you justice while also helping you feel at ease about your future employment or education.

If you are in a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment, choose Atlanta’s most trusted crime lawyers today. We can answer your questions about how to report the offense as well as how to protect your rights going forward. Contact Harman Law Firm today – all consultations are completely confidential.

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