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Severe pain, debilitating and even permanent injuries can be sustained from car accidents. In the state of Georgia, individuals are required to maintain insurance for liability coverage for their vehicle. Yet, limits are placed on bodily injury liability coverage and are often insufficient to cover the claims of those who are seriously injured. This adds a tremendous financial burden on victims as well as families. In the same way, insurance companies work quickly to place a value on a claim, naturally seeking the lowest possible settlement in personal injury claims. This is why it is important to retain a car accident lawyer if you’ve been seriously injured.

With considerable experience in car accident cases, the injury attorneys at the Harman Law Firm believe that you deserve the right to justice if you’ve been seriously injured in a car crash. While you may need compensation for medical expenses, lost wages or even funeral expenses, there are other significant issues that may develop over time. Don’t get caught in the trap of settling too quickly with the insurance company.

For those with real, legitimate physical and financial injuries from a car accident, the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm will fight to earn fair value for your case. Call us today for a no risk, no obligation free initial consultation.

Attorneys For Serious Car Wreck Injuries

While no one considers the odds of being in a serious car wreck, accidents are sure to happen. In fact, over 1,500 Georgia drivers are involved in car accidents each day. Thus, it’s important to know where to turn if you or a loved one is injured in a car crash.

It’s difficult to estimate the full financial impact resulting from a serious car wreck. For instance, if an individual sustains a serious head or neck injury, they may require weeks or months of physical therapy. While this lengthens their recovery time, it may also lead to lost wages, economic losses and even emotional trauma. When it comes to resolving your claim, obtaining medical attention, dealing with insurance companies, repairing your vehicle, recovering compensation and other losses, an experienced automobile accident attorney is necessary.

Pursuing justice for those injured in serious car accidents, the Harman Law Firm is prepared to institute litigation on your behalf when insurance companies are not willing to settle at a fair value. We want to be your advocate for the right compensation. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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