Prison Suicide: When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Under federal and state law, every individual deserves to be treated humanely and given medical treatment when necessary. This includes those who have been sentenced to jail or another type of correctional facility. When prison authorities fail to properly care for inmates and injury, death or suicide, there may be evidence of negligence or even a violation of constitutional rights. Most recently, there has been attention on the rate of suicide in jail. These alarming statistics should not be ignored, as correctional facilities are also under obligation to address the mental health condition of its inmates. Continue reading “Prison Suicide: When Do You Need a Lawyer?”

Georgia Senior Care Centers: Is Your Loved One Safe?

Realizing your elderly parent, grandparent or loved one needs more care than you can give is difficult. However, at a certain stage of life many adults must entrust their aging family member’s health and well-being to someone else, typically a nursing home or type of senior living facility. The horrible truth is that promises aren’t always uphold when it comes to their standard of care. Nursing home abuse and neglect does occur. If you suspect abuse or neglect at your loved one’s senior care center, a personal injury lawyer can help. Continue reading “Georgia Senior Care Centers: Is Your Loved One Safe?”

Allegations and Potential Lawsuits Against Lakeview Behavioral Health in Norcross

When considering places where personal injury or wrongful death occur, the last setting to be suspected is a healthcare or medical facility. These are places that should be helping and healing people instead of harming them. Unfortunately, personal injury claims against medical facilities do occur. In fact, 11 Alive News recently reported on a case in Gwinnett County in which over a dozen patients made allegations against Lakeview Behavioral Health in Norcross, Georgia. Continue reading “Allegations and Potential Lawsuits Against Lakeview Behavioral Health in Norcross”

Suspicious Deaths at the West Virginia VA Medical Center

One family’s quest for justice in the apparent wrongful death of Felix Kirk McDermott revealed the suspicious nature of nine or ten previous deaths at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs is currently investigating the situation at the VA medical center to determine if there was criminal activity involved. Continue reading “Suspicious Deaths at the West Virginia VA Medical Center”

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

The warm weather during this time of year would make any motorcycle rider want to take to the open road. While cruising on your bike may be a favorite pastime of yours, Harman Law Firm in Atlanta wants to ensure that all riders out there are using safe driving practices.

Riding Safety Tips

While some of these tips are suggestions, others are the law. Continue reading “Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips”

Why Sheraton Hotel Guests Are Filing Claims of Negligence

Regardless of the reason for your visit or how long you plan to stay, when you check into a hotel, you have the assumption and expectation that you will be kept safe as a guest of the property. In fact, hotels have the legal responsibility to do so. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do happen at hotels, and in the case of the Downtown Atlanta Sheraton, major illness can occur as well. Just last month, the largest recorded outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in state history occurred at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta. Why? Lawyers claim hotel negligence. Continue reading “Why Sheraton Hotel Guests Are Filing Claims of Negligence”

Medical Device Claims Lawyer

Surgery Atlanta, GAHave you suffered post-surgical complications after having a medical device implanted? The FDA has published millions of reports, which were previously protected by a loophole, detailing problems experienced by patients. In some cases, patients may have died as a result of potential defects or known adverse events associated with medical devices.

Companies were permitted, in accordance with the reporting law, to submit certain reports as summaries where the information contained was considered “duplicative.” This typically applied to adverse events that were already understood and recorded in previous reports. Continue reading “Medical Device Claims Lawyer”

Use Caution During Pool Season!

Swimming Pool Injury Atlanta GAThey don’t call us “Hotlanta” for nothing. Georgia southern summer heat is sweltering and needs two things for the cure: a tall, icy glass of sweet tea and a shimmering aqua blue pool. If you can’t get to a pool, the lakes or a beach will work as well!  No matter where you go to cool off and beat the heat, you should be aware of your surroundings and have trusted safety personnel. Continue reading “Use Caution During Pool Season!”

Jeffrey Epstein – Sex Trafficking and Sexual Abuse Claims

In 2007, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein had been charged with operating a sex trafficking ring and other sexual abuse related activities. Not only was Jeffrey Epstein accused of paying for sex with minors, but he was also accused of using minors to recruit other minors into his sexual abuse schemes.

Although 40 women came forward with separate sexual abuse claims and overlapping abuse details, the US Attorney in South Florida completely dropped the ball on pursuing the sexual abuse claims, offering a plea deal to the sex offender. In fact, aside from 13 months of very easy time served with his own security detail and work release, the dubious title of sex offender was the only thing that stuck despite Jeffrey Epstein being the perpetrator of many sexual abuse schemes. Continue reading “Jeffrey Epstein – Sex Trafficking and Sexual Abuse Claims”

Prison Medical Negligence Claims Lawyer

Inmates in jail, prison or any other type of correctional facility have a constitutional right to request and receive appropriate medical care. An investigation conducted by CNN has discovered numerous instances where the parties or entities responsible for providing such care have failed in their duty, leading to the potentially avoidable deaths of inmates in some cases.

As an inmate, you are entitled to receive medical, psychological or dental care that is provided by competent professionals. This includes receiving a diagnosis and any necessary referrals to outside medical resources that are better equipped to provide treatment. If you have suffered as the result of prison medical negligence, you are entitled to hire a claims lawyer to pursue fair compensation. Continue reading “Prison Medical Negligence Claims Lawyer”