Injured by a Drunk Driver Over the Holidays?

Blue Siren Light on Top of Police CarDrunk driving is a problem every week across Atlanta, but the concern becomes an even bigger issue during times where people are engulfed in holiday activities. Whether the intoxication occurs as they’re battling depression of not being with their loved ones or having one too many at an open bar from a friend’s office party, the excuses for drunk driving are never ok.

Unfortunately, Atlanta families can find themselves the victim of another person’s bad judgement, once that intoxicated individual decides to get behind the wheel. Continue reading “Injured by a Drunk Driver Over the Holidays?”

Have You Been Exposed?

Group of Doctors Atlanta GAEarlier this year, a New Mexico Med Spa was shut down for possibly exposing their clients to HIV and other bloodborne pathogens like Hepatitis through the “Vampire Facial” procedure.

The spa was owned and operated by a licensed cosmetologist; she was allowed to take care of hair & skin, but not licensed to handle the lower layers of skin or blood. Because of this, there have been strong doubts that medical equipment used for the “Vampire Facial” were sterilized or used in a safe manner, potentially causing a hazardous situation for customers and employees alike! Continue reading “Have You Been Exposed?”

There’s No Minor Surgery

Attorney Matt Harman of Harman Law Firm in AtlantaWhen you have surgery, you have expectations. You expect that when you go into the operating room, they’ll put the IV in your arm, the mask over your face, that you’ll blackout while counting backwards from 10. You expect to wake up in a well-lit room, warm, with a morphine pump in your hand to ward off the pain.

What would you do if you woke up still in the O.R., still with the mask on your face, able to feel your doctor performing your surgery? It’s a gruesome thought. One that could haunt your nightmares if you think about it too long. But it’s a scenario that’s not far off for some patients.
Continue reading “There’s No Minor Surgery”

The Myth of Frivolous Lawsuits

Scales of Justice in Front of Laptop ComputerShining the light on the myth “frivolous lawsuits,” Trial Lawyers Association DC has recently posted on the video-sharing website, YouTube, pointing out the Wall Street Journal’s claim—87% of voters believe that “too many lawsuits are filed in America.” To be clear, “lawsuits” in this example is typically referring to civil lawsuits involving disputes between people or between a person and an organization, not criminal lawsuits. Even so, the question becomes, “why do people believe this way?”

The truth is, the number of civil lawsuits has been declining for decades. Yet, drug, oil and insurance companies continue to spend enormous amounts of money to fuel the myth that lawsuits are out of control. This is unfortunate, as the role of the civil justice system becomes misinterpreted and unappreciated. Continue reading “The Myth of Frivolous Lawsuits”

Southern Culture, Big City Crime

Person Holding and Shooting a Gun Atlanta GAAtlanta is a beautiful city to live in. History, entertainment, and southern culture oozes out our pores. But the metro-area is home to more than 5.6 million people and that means we also have our share of crime, including shootings.

Somebody Needs to Pay

No matter how many laws restrict the use of guns, it always seems like the people we don’t want to have them get them and use them in the worst possible ways. When they get caught, it’s possible to sue them in a civil suit, but their criminal case always takes priority. By the time the criminal case is completed, they will have been sentenced, and likely have nothing reserved to settle a civil case. But if you or a family victim have been a victim of a shooting, it’s possible that another party may be held responsible. Depending on the circumstances and where the shooting took place, the property owner may be at fault too. Continue reading “Southern Culture, Big City Crime”

The Bullied Child

The message starts in pre-school. Be nice. Don’t tease. Nobody likes a bully, so don’t be that way. But unfortunately, bullying is still pervasive in public and private schools across America. So pervasive that we’ve even developed whole TV shows about the after effects: “13 Reasons Why,” “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” and “Cyberbully.”  Unfortunately for kids, so much of the bullying takes place online in social apps that are not regulated by teachers or parents. Continue reading “The Bullied Child”

When Treating Your Diabetes Turns Into Your Worst Nightmare

Many Americans rely on a daily medication to keep their body in working order. People swallow pills or receive injections that they trust will do their job to keep them healthy and away from harm. When a prescribed drug not only fails to work, but results in more harm and irreversible damage, the outcome can be devastating.

What if you were a type 2 Diabetic that took a specific medication to control your blood sugar, but instead this drug gave you a flesh-eating bacteria? Sadly, this is the reality for some. Along with immediate medical treatment, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in defective drugs by your side. Continue reading “When Treating Your Diabetes Turns Into Your Worst Nightmare”

Medical Devices: “New” Is Not Proven

With extraordinary advancements in healthcare, a wide range of medical devices continue to “escape scrutiny on their path to the American market,” as reported by Time Magazine in reference to the latest documentary released by Netflix in July 2018, The Bleeding Edge. From cobalt-based hip replacements to vaginal mesh, surgical robotics, prosthetic limbs and pacemakers, complex, new-age devices are promoted, despite lax testing requirements and clinical trials. Consequently, devices that are “new,” not proven, have harmed both physicians and patients. Continue reading “Medical Devices: “New” Is Not Proven”

Good Credit Can be Hard to Keep

Woman on Computer for Credit Check Atlanta GA In the US, we haven’t always done a good job of teaching children the value of hard work, earning money, or more importantly – the wisdom of creating and staying in a budget. Adults who got a pre-approved line of credit in college in order to finance spring break may still be paying off that debt several years later.

But not you. You took drastic steps to pay off your credit cards, to get rid of your student loan payments; you wanted to be able to buy a nice house and a good car for yourself and your family. Continue reading “Good Credit Can be Hard to Keep”

Knee Injections That Harm Instead of Heal

Osteoarthritis affects millions of people every day. It causes swelling and stiffening of joints and cartilage, making any movement painful. Though it can affect a younger person, there’s a greater chance of developing it after the age of 60.

Approximately 27-30 million Americans have osteoarthritis; for about half of those people, it affects their knees. Developing a treatment for it is crucial for many of those individuals, since the traditional treatment alone – taking an anti-inflammatory medication – wasn’t cutting it. Continue reading “Knee Injections That Harm Instead of Heal”