When You Decide to Report Sexual Harassment

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Sexual Crime VictimsEvery day for the last two weeks, your new manager opens his mouth. He has something to say about your clothes and how you wear them. He has an explicit joke to tell. He is demeaning in how he addresses you, but expects the utmost respect in return.

Ever since he transferred to your department, your enthusiasm for your job has waned. Your only hope is that he retires or gets fired, but mostly, you are sure he is as stuck as you are.

You don’t want to cause an uproar, after all you need your income. But when he starts serving his suggestive words to a new employee and making inappropriate comments to customers, you realize you need to take action. But where should you start?

Get Legal Counsel

Your employer’s Human Resources department has strongly urged anyone who is a victim of sexual harassment to speak to an HR representative or a member of management. But at Harman Law Firm, we recommend that you seek advice from an experienced attorney before you speak to the HR rep.

You see, as kind and sympathetic as HR or your higher management team may seem, their priority is to protect the company — not you. Retaliation from your harasser is not unheard of, and can take many forms, including demotion or reassignment.

But if your employer knows you have been taking legal advice from Matt Harman or Eric Fredrickson, they will be more active in preventing fall out, and ensuring zero tolerance for retaliatory actions. Contact Harman Law Firm and get a handle on your harasser!

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