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More and more Atlanta commuters are ditching their cars and saving their legs by renting a motorized scooter to get around the busy downtown streets. Unfortunately, this rise in scooter use also brings an increase in accidents and injuries. Harman Law is pleased to offer experienced personal injury lawyers who can represent those injured in a Bird, Jump or Lime scooter accident in Atlanta.

Bird, Jump and Lime are three of the most popular companies to provide rent-able motorized scooters in Atlanta. After downloading the company app and paying a minimal fee, users can pick up a scooter and use it until they reach their destination. The rider can then simply abandon the scooter for the next person to use. While this may seem like an easy and hassle-free mode of transportation, Bird, Jump and Lime scooters can pose serious risks to nearby pedestrians and motorists, as well as the riders themselves.

Atlanta Scooter Injury and Accident Lawyer

Bird, Jump and Lime scooter accidents can involve injuries ranging from lacerations and road rash to broken bones, traumatic brain injury and even death. At Harman Law, we’ve equipped our injury lawyers with the skill and knowledge it takes to successfully handle Bird, Jump and Lime scooter injury cases. We can help you navigate your specific case and understand what you may be entitled to in terms of compensation. Our strategies include determining the responsible party of the scooter accident as well as exploring whether negligence is a factor.

The Potential Risks of Using a Bird, Jump or Lime Scooter

Since Bird, Jump and Lime market themselves as a safe and highly convenient means of transportation, many users rush to hop on these motorized scooters without considering the serious risks involved. Not only is the design of a scooter dangerous when competing alongside higher, more stable vehicles, but the rental strategy of Bird, Jump and Lime scooters pose even more safety concerns, including the following:

Lack of Scooter Maintenance – Defective or poorly maintained scooters are a leading contributor to many accidents. Bird, Jump and Lime scooters are rented in “as is” condition, which means that you may be riding a scooter that was previously damaged by a user who left it for you. There is not a current method to check the condition of tires, breaks and steering mechanisms between riders.

Sidewalk Riding –Bird, Jump and Lime scooter riders have the freedom to use Atlanta sidewalks. Considering the top speed of 15 mph, a serious injury can occur when colliding with a pedestrian.

No Helmet, No License and No Insurance – There is no requirement to be an experienced driver or wear protective gear in order to rent a Bird, Jump or Lime scooter. With little to no knowledge of basic traffic laws, these unequipped scooter riders are a notable threat to themselves and others.

When choosing Harman Law for your Bird, Jump or Lime scooter injury, you can trust our attorneys to investigate all aspects of your case, including involved pedestrians and road maintenance entities that may have neglected their responsibilities on the road and contributed to your motorized scooter wreck. We have a reputation for working tirelessly on every personal injury case to ensure victims get the fair compensation they deserve for their medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost wages and other losses.

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