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The pain reliever Tylenol has been used for decades for reducing fever, muscle soreness and headaches. While it was once believed to be safe to use when pregnant, there is new evidence that this may not be the case. Recent studies by physicians and scientists throughout the world have uncovered links between the main ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen, and a higher risk for autism in children whose mothers took the drug during their pregnancy.

As new evidence is revealed about the increased risk for autism and other neurological disorders from Tylenol, many families are looking for legal help. At Harman Law Firm, we are investigating legal options for anyone who may have unknowingly used Tylenol during pregnancy and may have resulted in their child displaying symptoms of autism. We are dedicated to researching whether our clients may have legal rights to compensation from the manufacturers of Tylenol for the injury to their child.

Tylenol and Autism

There have been multiple studies that have shown a link between acetaminophen and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While previous studies had shown products such as Tylenol that used acetaminophen as one of the active ingredients were safe during pregnancy, research in the last few years has discovered otherwise. Some of the studies that have pointed to a higher risk of ASD for children whose mothers used Tylenol or acetaminophen during pregnancy include:

As more evidence shows the impact on fetus neurodevelopment from the use of Tylenol or acetaminophen products during pregnancy, it is clear that there may be a connection between Tylenol and autism. Parents that were not warned of the possibility of neurological damage to their child from using acetaminophen or Tylenol may have legal rights to seek compensation for their child with autism.

Symptoms of Autism Syndrome Disorder

Children with autism may have many different symptoms and varying degrees of neurological impairments. Knowing the signs can help with the early diagnosis of autism syndrome disorder (ASD), which can improve the treatment and development options for the child. Some of the early symptoms of ASD in infants and toddlers may include:

  • Poor eye contact – the child may not focus on faces
  • Rarely respond to their name or interact with family members
  • Higher interest in objects over people
  • Early use of ritual behavior and resistance to change
  • Sensitivity to sound, light or textures

As children with autism get older, the signs become more apparent. Social interactions are often difficult for children with ASD, and they may experience hyperactivity and physical symptoms.

Tylenol Autism Lawsuits

There has been more and more evidence of the link between the risk of autism and Tylenol. Thousands of families are coming forward to seek legal assistance for their children who may have received neurological damage from pregnancy exposure to acetaminophen. Parents with a child with ASD whose mother used Tylenol or acetaminophen products during pregnancy may have legal options. Our legal team is investigating Tylenol autism lawsuits at Harman Law Firm.

If a link between your child’s autism and the use of Tylenol is determined, you may be able to seek a compensation claim. Tylenol autism lawsuits may seek financial retribution for medical expenses, income loss, specialized care, pain/suffering, and other compensation related to the child’s disorder.

To learn more about Tylenol autism lawsuit claims, contact our team at Harman Law Firm today for a free legal consultation. We have locations in Augusta and Atlanta, GA. We have decades of experience handling complex legal claims for our clients – let us help you determine whether you and your child may be eligible to seek compensation for autism caused by the use of Tylenol during pregnancy.

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