The Bullied Child

The message starts in pre-school. Be nice. Don’t tease. Nobody likes a bully, so don’t be that way. But unfortunately, bullying is still pervasive in public and private schools across America. So pervasive that we’ve even developed whole TV shows about the after effects: “13 Reasons Why,” “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” and “Cyberbully.”  Unfortunately for kids, so much of the bullying takes place online in social apps that are not regulated by teachers or parents.

Who Is Responsible?

But this is the big question being asked about bullying that happens online.  Who is responsible for these kids’ behavior? Maybe on the surface it’s easy to say who should answer for a minor’s behavior. The minor and the parents. But are they? What about when it happens during the school day, online or in person? Are the teachers accountable? The school administrators or district?

Justice for Kids

Neural development for kids and teens is incomplete, and they are not able to ignore or “shrug off” severe bullying. When bullying goes unchecked, unstopped, severe injury and damage can happen to the bullied child, up to and including the taking of their own life.

If you and your family are in the position of protecting your child from the abuse of other kids, you have an ally in the Harman Law Firm. Come sit down with our team and help us understand the events that have led to your current situation. Matt Harman will fight for your child’s health and well-being, doing everything possible to hold teens accountable for their behavior and adults responsible for their neglect or lack of oversight. Contact us today!

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