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Prison suicide is an increasing problem. Between staff shortages, lack of supervision, lack of mental health resources and more, suicides in Georgia prisons happen far too often. If your loved one took their life while in prison, there may be steps you can take to receive compensation for your loss.

Negligent Care in Prison

Prison care often leaves much to be desired. At times, the budget and staff shortfalls can lead to negligent circumstances. Unfortunately, circumstances in the recent past have contributed to these problems. When negligence leads to such aggravated mental health issues that suicide becomes an option, civil rights have often been violated, leading to a criminal negligence conviction in a court of law.

Staff shortages are increasing in prisons across the country, including Georgia, and these shortages mean less supervision of inmates. In 2020 and 2021, the coronavirus pandemic led prisoners to be locked into cells and dorm areas to prevent the virus’s spread. In addition, the use of solitary confinement increased by as much as 500% during that same time. Visits were stopped, and classes and programs were halted. As a result, almost 3,000 prisoners and staff died of the virus across the country. Combined with increasing political unrest, these conditions increased mental health issues significantly in U.S. prisons.

Mental Health Care in Prisons

The accessibility of mental health care in prisons tells an appalling story. Despite having a court order, approximately three out of five prisoners who need mental health care do not receive it. In addition, only about half of the prisoners who received medication for mental health care when they entered prison continue to receive it while incarcerated.

These two statistics show the prevalence of the problem. It is challenging to prevent prison suicide if simple medication and care are not available. When mental illness is part of a prisoner’s circumstance, it is easy to see how other civil rights violations happen. When a situation reaches the point of suicide, there is undoubtedly a problem.

What Civil Rights Do Prisoners Have?

Every U.S. citizen has a civil right to certain things. Just as there is a right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, you also have a right to be free from any punishment deemed cruel and unusual if you are incarcerated. You also have a civil right to receive shelter, food, clothing, personal hygiene and sanitation under that right. You also have a right to medical care, including physical and mental health care.

If you or a loved one has their civil rights violated during incarceration, you may have a case for damages against those who violated those rights. Financial compensation can be substantial, so you must speak with an attorney who is experienced in handling civil rights cases.

Harman Law is Experienced in Civil Rights Violations Cases

At Harman Law, we have attorneys who work on civil rights violations cases. We know the law regarding Constitutional rights and have the experience to prepare a claim against anyone acting on behalf of any local, state or federal government. We can discuss your situation, let you know if you have a violation of civil rights, and advise you on how to proceed forward.

Harman Law takes aggressive, strategic action to achieve a positive goal for some of Georgia’s most complex and difficult personal injury cases. The Harman Law Firm handles prison suicide cases with experience and tenacious skill. In addition, we specialize in the most complex personal injury litigation with exceptional knowledge and ability.

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