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When individuals or companies commit fraud against the state of Georgia, they are essentially stealing money from taxpayers and may be endangering the lives of patients in the healthcare system. Examples may include:

  • Overbilling
  • Billing for services not provided
  • Inaccurate or improper payments or fees
  • Falsifying test results
  • Falsifying certifications (relating to quality or cost of products that are sold to the government)
  • Inaccurate labeling of pharmaceuticals
  • Not paying money owed

Similar to the Federal False Claims Act, the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act protects and rewards employees and private citizens for their bravery in revealing inside knowledge relating to fraud being committed against state or local governments. Also included are any false claims that may be made to Georgia’s Medicaid program in any county or municipality, town or school district, as well as any hospital authority, MARTA and any political subdivision of a local government.

While not every whistleblower claim is successful, and no law firm can promise a specific outcome, there are immediate steps that must be taken to preserve evidence. Thus, it is wise to seek counsel if you witness or suspect fraudulent activity.

The Harman Law Firm is an Atlanta-based firm that is intricately aware of the complexities involved in as aspects of fraud against the state and local governments. We understand what it takes to assemble whistleblower or qui tam cases. That’s why we encourage you to call us today for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your potential claim.

Reporting Fraud on the State Government

In maintaining a culture of integrity, the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm provides necessary guidance and support to those that wish to report fraud on the state or local government. Private citizens, including consumers, employees, patients or observers play a major role in combating fraud.

If you are considering reporting fraud on the state government, but you are worried if you will experience retaliation from your employer, you need to know that choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in your case. You must also understand that the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act contains strong whistleblower protection provisions, making it illegal for you to be harassed, discharged, demoted, suspended or threatened in your attempt to reveal government fraud.

The government fraud attorneys at the Harman Law Firm are committed to a thorough investigation into your claim, while taking every action necessary to protect your rights and secure your reward as a whistleblower. Whether you are bringing information to light regarding securities and exchanges, mortgage, defense contractors, GSA procurement, tax, grants, research or other questionable activities, we are fully equipped to fight for you, as well as the taxpayers that are also defrauded when individuals cheat the state and local governments.

For a private, confidential consultation to discuss your potential claim, we invite you to contact the Harman Law Firm today.

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