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Any intentional deception, misrepresentation or scam that swindles the government of funds is considered fraud. On any level, federal or state, government fraud is serious and taxpayers usually pay the price. Taking various forms, fraud against the federal government may include making false statements or claims, mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. These types of fraud may be connected to federally funded healthcare programs such as Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, public housing, agricultural programs, or educational programs, procurement and contractor fraud or corporate fraud.

For businesses that commit fraud, the Federal False Claims Act makes it possible for employees or private citizens to report suspected fraud to the government. In return, these individuals are given a financial reward (15-25% of funds recovered by the government) for their willingness to speak up.

In essence, employees are best positioned to detect fraud at their place of work, from falsified invoices to cover-ups of defective products, questionable test results, or payroll concerns, “whistleblowers” or those that speak up, are found in any industry. Thus, if you suspect that government fraud is being committed at your place of work, you need an experienced government fraud lawyer on your side to represent you—before blowing the whistle. In turn, if you yourself are being investigated for fraud against the government, you need to speak to a lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

Harman Law Firm attorneys are keenly aware of the intricacies of representing a whistleblower and all of the factors involved when filing a claim. No matter what side you’re on, you are wise to seek counsel in how to proceed legally in your case.

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Reporting Fraud on the Federal Government

While fraud on the federal government takes many forms, the most significant and costly are procurement/contractor fraud, false claims and healthcare fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid. These types of fraud are very serious, and both criminal and civil charges may be brought against those accused according to the Federal False Claims Act. In addition, whistleblowers or “qui tam relators,” are rewarded under the False Claims Act for exposing fraud.

Regardless of your political affiliation or position relating to government programs, most agree that it is right and necessary to report fraud in order to protect taxpayers, recover federal funds and reduce the amount of fraud committed against the federal government. It’s important to understand, however, that consulting an experienced qui tam attorney is the best way to report fraud on the federal government, while ensuring the best outcome for your case.

If you suspect that you have a whistleblower claim, you are encouraged to contact the team at the Harman Law Firm for a free and private consultation. This is the best way to protect your rights and your reputation during your potential claim.

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