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When tiny bits of silica mineral (comprised of sand, rock and mineral ores like quartz) are inhaled, individuals are at risk for developing the lung disease, silicosis. Also referred to as the “sandblasting disease,” individuals that work in mining, foundries, construction, demolition, plumbing, painting, sandblasting and glass-manufacturing industries are among those most typically infected. Even so, it’s believed that nearly 2 million U.S. workers remain exposed to silica. This is a major cause for concern because inhaling silica dust is linked to lung scarring, cough, weight loss, fatigue and lung cancer. Perhaps more concerning is that silicosis may develop within a few weeks of exposure, or decades after exposure to silica dust.
The dangers associated with inhaling silica dust have been recognized since the 1930’s, yet a growing number of cases appeared in the 1990’s. Thus, workers are strongly encouraged to seek legal help if they have developed silicosis, lung cancer or other diseases that they suspect may be linked to silica exposure.

As a national law firm that fights for justice for victims of physical and financial injury all across the U.S., the team at the Harman Law Firm levels the playing field by seeking the truth on behalf of clients. If you are suffering from a respiratory-type disease, silicosis, or if you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer after prolonged exposure to silica, you need to know your options. Let the Harman Law Firm be your advocate for justice and maximum compensation.

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Trouble Breathing and Lung Damage Associated With Silicosis

As a progressive lung disease, silicosis results in severe scarring of the lungs, and it can prove fatal. To better understand, consider the following variations of the disease:

  • Chronic silicosis: Involving a low level of exposure over a long period of time, usually 20 years or longer, individuals experience impaired breathing and breathlessness.
  • Accelerated silicosis: This level of silicosis involves a high level of silica exposure over a 5-15 year period. Individuals with accelerated silicosis will experience symptoms that progress quickly. Scarring and inflammation of lung tissue are usually present.
  • Acute silicosis: When individuals are exposed to silica briefly, but in extremely high levels, fluid and inflammation develops in the lungs, affecting blood oxygen counts. This is considered acute silicosis.

Having silicosis increases individuals’ risk of developing other serious health conditions such as tuberculosis, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. Ultimately, as lung capacity decreases, those affected may require support with oxygen or other breathing devices.

The seriousness of silicosis varies from individual to individual, and lawsuits pertaining to silica exposure are complex at best. Yet, it is imperative to consult a highly reputable silica personal injury attorney in the event that you have developed a respiratory illness, lung disease or lung cancer after exposure to silica dust. The team at the Harman Law Firm are seasoned attorneys and national trial lawyers equipped to come alongside victims of physical and financial harm.

We work tirelessly to discover the truth in your case, fighting for justice and the right compensation. For a free initial consultation to discuss the impact that silica exposure has had on you and your family, contact the Harman Law Firm today.

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