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An injury or death suffered by an international traveler to the United States can present many challenges. Our system of injury and health care laws can be complex, especially to a visitor from outside the country.  An attorney who understands both personal injury law and the challenges of being away from your home country can help you understand your legal rights and potential for compensation for an international traveler injury.

In the United States, a personal injury is defined in general as when someone is harmed, experiences loss, or damage as a result of a person’s or company’s intentional or negligent conduct.

Does a visitor injured while traveling in the U.S. have legal rights?

An international traveler injury can be complex and it may depend on the situation of the accident or injury. If the person hurt does not discuss those rights with an attorney prior to leaving the country, they may forfeit some or all of those rights. The person hurt may have a claim for compensation of expenses as well as damages (payment) from the negligent person or group. This claim may or may not require filing a lawsuit.

The Harman Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia are available to visitors from other countries in need of legal advice and representation. The attorneys can meet the injured and their family or traveling companions at the hospital, doctor’s office, hotel, or at the law firm’s office. The Harman Law Firm team is experienced in working with doctors on behalf of patients hurt from accidents.

International Traveler Injury: things to remember when traveling outside your home country

  • Do not surrender your passport to anyone other than law enforcement
  • If traveling with family or others, in advance of an injury or immediately following choose one person as the point of contact for law enforcement and healthcare workers
  • Do not allow a private citizen to take you to the hospital, insist on calling emergency 9-1-1- to be taken to an official hospital, doctor or treatment facility
  • Keep a written record of every thing that happens following an injury, and every person talked to or treated by

Your health, safety and well-being should always be your first priority.

After getting medical help:

  • Contact your country’s embassy or consulate, but know that they may not have all the information you need to protect yourself in the event of an injury
  • Contact Harman Law immediately to learn your rights, get help with medical treatment, and be your advocate

What you can do while planning travel to the United States or any country:

  • Carry a record of all medications you take and medical devices you have implanted (artificial knee, hip, heart pacemaker, etc.)
  • Know your health insurance plan details, or carry a copy with you
  • If, in your country, you have a legal document that names a person to make decisions on your behalf, consider carrying a copy with you
  • Select someone in your home country to be your point of contact

On holiday or while working in the United States, international travelers can be confident in the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm. Call (404) 554-0777 or contact the Harman Law Firm for a free consultation to learn your rights and whether you have a potential lawsuit or claim.

The Harman Law Firm represents and files lawsuits for travelers from other countries injured while visiting Georgia and surrounding states for the negligence or wrongdoing of individuals, businesses or organizations.

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