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Injuries from defective products is a big part of our practice. We represent people who experience personal injuries of all kinds or have had other damages from either something they’ve used or eaten.

The product causing the injury or damage doesn’t have to be one that is recalled- you may have grounds to file a lawsuit regardless of whether it’s an item you’ve read about in the news.

  • The product could be defectively manufactured or defectively designed
  • The manufacturer might fail to adequately warn you of potential safety concerns when using their products

Products can break, fall apart, fail to protect you, and more. They could hurt you, make you sick, infect you with a germ, or damage something else you own. The product may have been tampered with and in turn, could then harm you.  The manufacturer could be liable if they did not take the proper steps to keep the product safe leading up to the time you used it.

If you are hurt, seek medical attention immediately. You may have a case even if you are not hospitalized.

Here are some, but not all, of the unsafe products that have or can cause injuries to individuals.  Many of them electrical or mechanical in some way:

  • Baby and children items: strollers, swings, cribs and baby food
  • Food and over the counter medicine: peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, canned goods, frozen food, restaurant food, cough syrup, pain relievers, vitamins and just about anything else you consume
  • Medical equipment: see our page on drugs and medical devices
  • Lawn and garden equipment: Lawnmowers, trimmers, chemicals, saws and ladders
  • Home goods/housewares: windows, window blinds, electric blankets, heaters, fireplace inserts, pressure washers and cleaning products/chemicals
  • Personal care items: shavers, hairdryers, clippers, makeup and other grooming and care items
  • Recreational equipment: swimming pools, pool intake grates, bikes, trampolines, swing-sets and equipment designed to protect including helmets
  • Automobiles and motorcycles: brakes, steering, tires, radiator, airbags, frame and other components

If you have experienced an injury from a product whether you believe it was defective or not, call our firm’s product liability attorneys for a no cost, no obligation consultation to determine whether you have a case and could be eligible for compensation.  Call (404) 554-0777 or contact us online to request a consultation.

Be sure to keep the item, the packaging, the instructions and receipt if you can.  Keep the item intact as it was at the time of the injury so that we may study whether it is defective in some way and contributed to your injury or other damages. It’s also helpful to take pictures of the product as you were using it, your injury, the setting of the injury and anything else you believe would be helpful for us to best understand your claim.

Some cases would be filed under federal laws, others would be under state law. It’s important to be represented by a law firm experienced in product liability that can assess the best way to present your case and where.

We believe every person deserves the right to justice if harmed by a product. Sometimes that means taking a case to court, and sometimes that means agreeing to a settlement. But at the Harman Law Firm, we are not quick to make a settlement just to move a case through. Each person, and each case, is unique and it is our mission to find justice in whatever method is best for the person and their family. Let us be your advocate for justice and the right compensation.

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