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When it comes to fraud and financial disputes among employees and businesses, trademarks, business relations and reputation may be harmed or threatened. Specifically, when small business owners become the victim of a larger corporation’s negligence or wrongdoing, or clients, sales, or proprietary practices are siphoned, an advocate is needed to protect them from further financial injury.

Business fraud and financial disputes cover a wide range of issues that may include the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fictitious duty
  • Broker fraud
  • Investor fraud
  • Overcharging
  • Defamation
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Racketeering
  • Tortious interference

For those that feel powerless under the weight of large companies or others who have mistreated them, having the fraud and financial dispute lawyers at the Harman Law Firm on your side will give you the power to fight back. Equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to represent you, we will not back down from any individual or organization.

For a free, private consultation to discuss your dispute, call Atlanta-based Harman Law Firm today.

Business Tort Litigation Attorneys

With a notable practice area in “business torts,” the Harman Law Firm commits to small businesses and individuals that are victims of unfair business practices.

When acting in good faith, business owners and employees expect honest treatment in return. Yet, businesses experience competition, and this sometimes results in misrepresentation of facts or details that devalue your contract and cost you a lot of money. In this instance, your business may be able to recover monetary damages through a lawsuit based on tortious interference. In other cases, your assets may be at stake when they are used in a deceptive way. For example, if another company uses your trademark in connection with its own product or service, it creates confusion and undervalues your product and service. Business litigation involving trademark infringement may provide relief from monetary damage and also help further protect the business from further use of its trademark.

While these are but a few examples of legal matters pertaining to businesses, the Harman Law Firm represents small businesses and individuals facing a variety of unfair business practices from infringement, interference with contractual relationships, insurance bad faith, federal and state racketeering laws, consumer protection and laws relating to unfair trade.

Initially, a defense lawyer in a prominent law firm representing corporations across the country, Matt Harman, founder of the Harman Law Firm, decided to leave the defense practice with insight into the strategy of representing small business owners protecting their livelihood and vision. Subsequently, Matt is now committed to being the voice of the “Davids” in the world against the “Goliaths”.

Thus, if you find that your company is in a legal issue or dispute, it is wise to seek counsel with the Harman Law Firm. You deserve to know your legal rights and options. For a free initial consultation with our firm, contact our office today.

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