Police Brutality and Excessive Force

Police Brutality and Excessive Force Claims Lawyer

Police who suspect someone of committing a crime may only use the reasonable and necessary amount of force to search, detain or arrest the suspected person. Far too often, police overreact to situations and use brutal or deadly force when it is not necessary. This can result in severe injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, police departments don’t always take the actions required to hold their members accountable when they use excessive force. Sometimes civil lawsuits are the only means to hold abusive police departments accountable for violating the law. If you need a police brutality and excessive force claims lawyer, Harman Law Firm is your source in the Atlanta, GA, area.

There have been multiple cases of police brutality in the U.S. and here in Georgia that have gained the attention of the entire world. There has been a bright spotlight on the use of unnecessary or excessive force by police, including chokeholds, “rubber” bullets, chemical spray and beatings with batons. In many cases, victims died at the hands of police officers using excessive force. Police brutality and use of excessive force are unacceptable and a violation of civil rights. Victims and their families have the right to pursue legal action if excessive force by police causes serious injuries or death.

Excessive Force Injury Lawsuits

If police brutality or excessive force causes injuries or death, a lawsuit can be filed on behalf of the victim or their family. At Harman Law, our legal team can research the background of the police officer or officers involved to uncover any history of misconduct. We have access to medical, forensic and law enforcement experts that can help us build our case to prove a police brutality claim. Witnesses, video evidence and physical evidence can be collected to support the claim. The police officers and often the agency may be held accountable for the use of excessive force that causes injuries or death. Many victims and their families have obtained significant financial compensation as a result of excessive force lawsuits against police.

If you believe you have been the victim of police brutality or use of excessive force, contact our legal team at Harman Law Firm. We offer free legal consultations to discuss injury claims at our office in Augusta, GA.