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Inmates are frequently transported between detention facilities, to court, to medical facilities or as part of outside work programs. Such transport may be by car, van or bus. These vehicles may be involved in wrecks, whether caused by the driver or another motorist. Inmates injured in a wreck during transport may have the right to make a civil claim for their injuries. Our legal team at Harman Law Firm can pursue an inmate transport injury lawsuit if you or a family member have sustained an injury or inhumane treatment during inmate transport.

When an inmate is being transported, they have the right to arrive at their destination unharmed. If a wreck is caused by the driver of the vehicle the inmate is in, the inmate may have a claim against the government agency responsible for their custody. If another motorist causes the wreck, the inmate may have a claim against that other driver, which would typically be covered by the driver’s auto insurance.

Inmate Transportation Human Rights Violations

Inmates may also be transported across the state, or even the country, for example, as part of an extradition process. These longer trips can raise additional issues for inmates during transport. Inmates are entitled to humane conditions during transport, just like they are when in a detention facility. Basic food, hygiene, security and medical care, if necessary, must be provided. If they are not, you may have a civil claim, just like if you are denied basic humane conditions in a detention facility. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to file a human rights violation claim if you are injured or inhumanely treated during extradition or transport.

Inmates deserve to be treated humanely and protected from injury during transport and while incarcerated. Our human and civil rights attorneys at Harman Law Firm can fight for the rights of any inmate that has had their rights violated. To discuss your inmate transport injury claim or civil claim for human rights violations, contact our office in Augusta, GA, to schedule a legal consultation.

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