Good Credit Can be Hard to Keep

Woman on Computer for Credit Check Atlanta GA In the US, we haven’t always done a good job of teaching children the value of hard work, earning money, or more importantly – the wisdom of creating and staying in a budget. Adults who got a pre-approved line of credit in college in order to finance spring break may still be paying off that debt several years later.

But not you. You took drastic steps to pay off your credit cards, to get rid of your student loan payments; you wanted to be able to buy a nice house and a good car for yourself and your family.

So, it comes as a shock when you apply for a mortgage that your credit score is low. Very low.  So low in fact, that you probably can’t even finance a cell phone.

What Happened?

A quick look at your credit report can tell you what went wrong. It’s possible that there’s a bill you forgot about, but if you’re really on top of your debt, that’s not likely. What is more likely is that erroneous information has been reported: a bad debt from more than seven years ago, an account that was cancelled or paid in full, information from someone else’s life.

Get Legal Help to Fix Your Credit

If erroneous information has lowered your credit score, you may need assistance repairing the damage. The credit bureaus won’t always listen to a customer on their own. Harman Law Firm has experience dealing with TransUnion, Experian, and EquiFax to get them to remove bad information and fix the problems it caused.

Get legal assistance and get your credit back online.

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