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J&J Individual Gynecomastia Risperdal Trials Continue on July 28

Johnson & Johnson has now been embroiled in Risperdal litigation regarding its antipsychotic drug  for the better part of a decade.

On July 28 2014, the second round of Risperdal trials over gynecomastia injuries begin. For over three years, Harman Law has been representing boys and young men who needlessly suffer the devastating side effect of gynecomastia, the growth of female-like breasts in boys and young men.

Risperdal is a powerful antipsychotic drug, originally designed to treat people with schizophrenia.  But the drug was marketed and prescribed off-label (meaning for a use not approved by the FDA) to children for “behavioral disorders” including ADHD, Autism, and other conditions.

Among its many other side effects, Risperdal has caused young boys to grow breasts—a condition called gynecomastia.

In November 2013, J&J agreed to pay over $2.2 Billion to the government to settle civil and criminal charges regarding illegal marketing of Risperdal to children, for which the FDA had not approved the drug.  Previously, J&J was charged with similar claims prosecuted by individual state governments for hundreds of millions of dollars.  J&J’s record-setting settlement —the third largest pharmaceutical settlement for a single drug in U.S. history—brings renewed attention to Risperdal.

Unfortunately, under many state statutes of limitations, time may be running out to file Risperdal lawsuits.  If you or someone in your family suffered gynecomastia during or after taking Risperdal, contact Harman Law firm to learn your rights and to protect health and well-being.

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