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Following up on an earlier blog post, Harman Law LLC  is following  a story about a 45-year-old man who took Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) for three weeks.  He experienced extensive bilateral deep venous thrombosis extending from calf veins to deep femoral veins.  Fortunately, the man’s DVT abated after receiving anticoagulation treatment.

Tecfidera was approved by the FDA in March 2013.  Tecfidera’s main side effects are gastrointestinal issues. Tecfidera, however, was not linked to thrombosis.

In the reported case, the man was physically active, did not smoke, and had no recent surgeries.  Approximately two months after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the man was prescribed Tecfidera.  His only risk factor for DVT was having a high body mass index.  He exhibited gastrointestinal issues.

According to the Article:

“In the present case, several factors may have predisposed the patient to DVT including dehydration, fever, and systemic inflammation. In conclusion, clinicians should be aware of the possible (but not yet proven) association between dimethyl fumarate and venous thrombosis, particularly among patients who experience severe gastrointestinal side effects, dehydration, or fever.”

Complications associated with DVT include pulmonary embolisms and post-thrombotic syndrome.  The man’s DVT was addressed before any of these complications formed.

Harman Law LLC is currently investigating a woman’s death due to a blood clot in her brain, potentially related to her use of Tecfidera to treat MS.

If you have experienced serious side effects or know someone who has died while taking or after taking the MS drug Tecfidera, contact the dangerous drug attorneys at Harman Law LLC to learn your legal rights and eligibility for compensation. We offer a no cost, no obligation initial consultation to patients and families of patients. Call 1-888-55-HARMAN or fill out the “Quick Connect” form at the top right of this page.

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