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The federal government sets a national minimum wage. States can individually set a minimum wage for residents if they wish, but all businesses must adhere to federal guidelines at the very least. The exception of the rule is those who work and receive tips. The existing federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

When an employer approaches you regarding paying you a lesser hourly wage and offers to pay you cash instead of a check, be leery. This often means that they are attempting to avoid paying a portion of their taxes. Not only is this illegal, but it leaves employees vulnerable to worker’s compensation claims as well.

Employers that do not pay overtime at a rate of time and a half, may also be breaking the law. This is a tricky topic because only employees that are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act are covered. Holidays and weekends are not included as counting toward overtime earning hours. The act applies to typical workweek formulas.

Employees that are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act should receive overtime compensation at a rate of one and a half times their regular hourly wage. Those found to not adhere to these guidelines may be subject to paying additional money to current and former employees for unfair wage practice violations.

Key items to watch for:

  • Hours not adding up on pay stubs
  • Changes in hours worked and wages to forego paying overtime wages
  • Offers to be paid in cash
  • Offers to pay overtime hours in cash

It is best to always keep your own records. Take a photo of the posted schedule, or your permanent schedule and compare it to your pay stubs each pay period.

It is important to understand what the minimum wage is in your individual state. If you are not receiving at least the required federal minimum wage, contact the attorneys at Harman Law LLC. You may be entitled to compensation, and in some cases, additional compensation for unpaid overtime that follows federal guidelines surrounding proper overtime compensation.

The attorneys at Harman Law LLC will examine your work records, hourly wages paid, and will discuss your concerns with you in a free, no cost and no obligation consultation. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation at 1-888-55-HARMAN or (404) 554-0777 if you believe that your employer is not adhering to federal or state wage regulations.

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