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Serious crimes should be punished. However, even prison inmates deserve to be treated humanely, and correctional officers have a duty to protect those who are incarcerated. If you have a loved one that was injured, raped or died while in a Georgia jail or police custody, turn to Harman Law Firm. We have skilled Augusta attorneys who have experience in handling cases involving correctional system negligence, cruel and unusual punishment or inmates who died due to being denied necessary medical care. You have a right to learn the specific circumstances surrounding the injury or death. We will help determine if there are grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the wrongdoing or negligence of the correctional system.

Correctional system negligence may involve allowing a rape or assault from another inmate, depriving an inmate of medical treatment, mistreatment from a correctional officer or other cruel or unusual punishments. These can result in catastrophic injury or even wrongful death. Proving correctional system negligence is best left up to an experienced legal professional. At Harman Law Firm, we understand the intricate guidelines and laws surrounding prison abuse and correctional facility negligence. Our lawyers will work tirelessly and strategically to defend your rights.

Have You Been the Victim of Cruel or Unusual Punishment Abuse in a Georgia Jail or Prison?

The 8th amendment offers protection to ensure your basic human rights are protected if you go to jail or prison. While government facilities have specific immunities from lawsuits that private facilities do not, there are still laws in place that protect those that have been injured in a correctional facility, which includes jail, prison, juvenile detention center or police custody. Our Augusta lawyers have a keen understanding of the federal and state “Tort Claims Acts,” which allow injured victims the right to seek justice and recover damages from a correctional facility or file a personal injury claim against the federal government.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is a victim of correctional system negligence, cruel or unusual punishment, denied medical necessary care or other prison abuse in Georgia, let us help you navigate your legal options. Contact the attorneys of the Harman Law Firm in Augusta today.

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