Southern Culture, Big City Crime

Person Holding and Shooting a Gun Atlanta GAAtlanta is a beautiful city to live in. History, entertainment, and southern culture oozes out our pores. But the metro-area is home to more than 5.6 million people and that means we also have our share of crime, including shootings.

Somebody Needs to Pay

No matter how many laws restrict the use of guns, it always seems like the people we don’t want to have them get them and use them in the worst possible ways. When they get caught, it’s possible to sue them in a civil suit, but their criminal case always takes priority. By the time the criminal case is completed, they will have been sentenced, and likely have nothing reserved to settle a civil case. But if you or a family victim have been a victim of a shooting, it’s possible that another party may be held responsible. Depending on the circumstances and where the shooting took place, the property owner may be at fault too.


Think back to the time and place where the shooting happened.  It’s awful to remember, but crucial to finding out who may bear responsibility.  Were there lights out? Fences down?  Was there supposed to be security, but no one ever showed? Had the shooter been invited to the location by the property owner?  Each of these situations needs further scrutiny to make sure all parties bear their responsibility fully.

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