Nexium Injuries and Lawsuits

Introduced as the next generation form of Prilosec in 2001, Nexium is a popular PPI (proton pump inhibitor) drug that primarily treats acid reflux. However, serious injuries are linked to the use of Nexium including kidney disease, renal failure, heart damage, stroke and bone fractures. Injuries are notably worse in patients that have taken Nexium for a year or longer.

For those that file lawsuits pertaining to Prilosec and Nexium, most feel as though they were not properly warned about the increased risks associated with these drugs, specifically the increased risk of kidney damage, which is estimated to be 20-50%. Others have claimed that PPI drugs such as Nexium are over-prescribed and that their health was not monitored regularly enough to detect kidney disease.

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Side Effects and Health Risks Associated With Nexium

Compared with non-users, patients that use Nexium for heartburn, acid reflux and stomach ulcers are reportedly 20-50% more likely to develop chronic kidney disease. While this is the most serious health risk associated with these drugs, preliminary research (2016) via the American Heart Association reveals that Nexium is one of several PPI drugs linked to an increased risk in ischemic stroke. Even so, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PPI drugs and their connection to serious health issues.

The use of PPI drugs, including Nexium, have been linked to numerous side effects and health conditions including:

  • Kidney disease
  • Arterial injuries
  • Heart damage
  • Osteoporosis
  • Ascites (fluid buildup in the abdomen)
  • Stroke
  • Bone fractures

If you or a loved one has been taking Nexium and are suffering from health problems such as kidney disease, low bone mineral density, numbness in the limbs, confusion or trouble speaking, severe headaches or loss of vision as well as low levels of magnesium in the blood, it’s imperative that you let your doctor know.

Next, you should contact the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm. Unfortunately, by the time information pertaining to drugs is revealed, many patients have been seriously injured physically, financially and emotionally. Our lawyers understand the business of prescription drugs, and we believe that you deserve to know your options in the wake of your injuries. For a free initial consultation, contact the Harman Law Firm today.