Transunion Dispute

Transunion Dispute Lawyer

Are you a victim of false credit reporting from Transunion? Turn to the legal professionals of Harman Law Firm in fraud and financial dispute cases. We have experienced and qualified Transunion Dispute Attorneys who understand how to get your credit report repaired before it disrupts your future plans any further. Errors or incomplete information on your credit report can derail major plans, from buying a house and applying for a job to qualifying for insurance or getting a car loan. Our Atlanta law firm is here to help you fight injustice when it comes to CRA (credit reporting agency) violations.

Repair Your False Credit Report

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers have basic rights, including fair treatment and accuracy of their credit files with credit bureaus such as Transunion. While you are encouraged and entitled to file a dispute with Transunion for false credit reporting, you may not get the outcome you intended. In such cases, professional legal counsel may be needed to dispute your Transunion credit report. At Harman Law Firm, we take prompt and knowledgeable action against the following types of CRA violations from Transunion:

  • Failure to remove old information (prior to 7 years ago)
  • Reporting an account active after it was closed or settled
  • Mixing information between two people of similar backgrounds
  • Failing to report a discharged debt in bankruptcy
  • Failing to correct inaccurate information from the file

If you find yourself in one of the above situations with Transunion, turn to Harman Law Firm. We can guide you on how to handle false credit reporting, including writing dispute letters, understanding your rights under the FCRA or determining what you are entitled to when a credit bureau falsifies your information. We know how disruptive and embarrassing a false credit report can be; contact our Atlanta office today to fix your Transunion credit report. Your initial consultation is free of charge.