Patent Infringement

Patent Infringement Lawyers

If you are a patentee or patent holder, you’ve devoted time, energy, money and passion to some sort of domain, creative work, invention or other intellectual property. This may range from manufactured goods to specific processes, software programs, chemical compounds and more. Much like physical property, a patent is protected by certain boundaries. When these are crossed, it may be determined that patent infringement has occurred. Yet, because this type of infringement is governed by federal law and involves a process where claims are analyzed for their validity, a patent infringement lawyer is needed to represent those that believe they have a patent infringement claim.

Are you involved in a patent infringement dispute? The patent infringement lawyers at the Harman Law Firm are prepared to take on real, legitimate infringement cases where the rights of patent holders are at stake, or they have experienced financial injury as a result. Founding attorney of the Harman Law Firm, Matt Harman has been a guiding force for inventors’ rights, pursuing justice for great minds with great innovation.

Thus, whether an individual, educational institution or large organization is infringing, the Harman Law Firm is equipped to strategically protect your rights and property. Our firm understands the complexities associated with U.S. patent protection laws, and we are prepared to proceed accordingly, in your favor.

For a free, no obligation initial consultation regarding your dispute, call the Harman Law Firm today. If you believe that someone else has claimed your rights as an inventor, you cannot afford not to call today.

Unpaid Royalties

Patents, copyrights, property, franchises and other resources may be used to generate an income or for recreational use. Typically, a royalty payment is made to the owner for use of the property. Though the royalty is legally binding, the exact payment is often negotiated and involves consideration of risk, market demand, the level of innovation and more. In some cases, the patent holder or inventor will sell the asset to a third party, with the agreement that he/she will receive future royalties (royalty interest) that may generate as a result of its continued use. Consider the following examples:

  • Non-Renewable Resource Royalties (petroleum or mineral rights)
  • Patent Royalties
  • Trademark Royalties
  • Copyright
  • Book Publishing Royalties
  • Music Royalties
  • Art Royalties
  • Software Royalties

If you own property or assets and have not been paid royalties for their use, the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm want you to take action by calling us. While there can be missteps when you tackle these claims on your own, we are able to systematically handle your dispute in a way that makes a real difference for you.

Licensing Litigation

For inventors that own a patent, marketing and licensing their property or service is how they generate a profit. Depending on the invention, the patent owner may collaborate with others to mass-produce or distribute it commercially. In rarer instances, the patentee may choose to manufacture and market their inventions themselves. Even so, some inventors find that their intellectual property has been stolen in the process of marketing it to manufacturers and businesses. This is why an intellectual property litigation attorney is needed to assist in licensing an individual’s work or property.

While the attorneys at the Harman Law Firm can assist inventors in drafting healthy contracts and agreements for their work, there are instances where litigation is necessary to uphold the rights of those that have been infringed upon. If you suspect that this has happened to you, our attorneys would like to speak with you. While licensing litigation can be a lengthy process, we are ready to represent you for the long haul. This may mean carefully negotiated settlements, proceedings or meticulously filing a lawsuit, if necessary. Whatever your circumstance, contact us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your licensing dispute.

Let the Harman Law Firm be your advocates for justice, protecting your property and securing your future.