Georgia Lemon Law

Georgia Lemon Law Lawyer

Were you sold a lemon? If your new car is failing to operate like new, you aren’t necessarily stuck with your defective purchase. Under the Georgia Lemon Law, your flawed product or automobile may be considered a lemon and therefore entitle you to a full refund, replacement or cash settlement.

Lemon laws in Georgia can be complex, and dealing with major corporations or dealerships on your own can also be intimidating or unsuccessful. To ensure you get the aggressive representation you deserve when it comes to fraud and financial disputes, contact Harman Law Firm to speak with one of our Georgia Lemon Law attorneys today. We offer knowledgeable legal advice and experienced representation for Atlanta consumers who are victims of a “lemon” purchase.

New Car/Vehicle Lemon Law

In most cases, lemon laws are associated with the automobile industry. The lemon law covers any type of motor vehicle, including motorcycles, boats and cars. Consumers can utilize the lemon law if their new car breaks down immediately with use or if it cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts. At Harman Law Firm, we realize that your new car was a major investment and one that you intended on using for many years. As qualified Vehicle Lemon Law Attorneys, we can ensure you aren’t stuck with your defective purchase. Our legal team has provided successful consumer protection for clients who are against leading auto dealerships in and around Atlanta.

If you have purchased a lemon, it can be difficult to find time to pursue a legal battle with the dealership or navigate the proper steps to take. In many instances, dealerships or car manufacturers will attempt to delay the process in anticipation that the consumer will drop a formal complaint altogether. Let Harman Law Firm be the strong advocate you need to resolve your lemon law claim in Georgia. We can help you get the replacement vehicle or money back that you deserve. Our lawyers are prepared to fight consumer protection claims under the lemon law through negotiation, arbitration or court.

Learn your lemon law rights today and contact the trusted attorneys of Harman Law Firm.