Experian Dispute

Experian Dispute Lawyer

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was established in 1970. Under this federal statute, consumers have basic rights and protection regarding privacy, fair treatment and accuracy of their credit files with consumer reporting agencies. Unfortunately, CRAs do not always conform to the FCRA regulations. If you have a credit report that has false or incomplete information, turn to Harman Law Firm in Atlanta. We have skilled lawyers who are equipped to dispute all types of false credit reporting, including those involving inaccurate reports from creditors, debt collectors or the Experian credit bureau. In fact, our Experian Dispute Attorneys have a strong reputation for helping Atlanta consumers successfully fight credit misdemeanors and repair their credit score in the timely manner they deserve.

Have you been unable to buy a house, get a job or obtain a car loan because of a false credit report? Your credit bureau is required by federal and state law to keep your information current and accurate. If Experian has failed you in any way regarding your credit score, enlist the help of Harman Law Firm to ensure you are properly represented. We can repair your credit and help you get any compensation you may deserve.

Repair Your False Credit Report

There are a variety of potential CRA violations that Experian could be liable for. Whether it was carelessness of mixing up your information with another person or a direct failure to remove a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy, we can help you at Harman Law Firm. If Experian did not remove the false information when notified, our lawyers know how to hold them legally accountable.

If you are a victim of a false credit report due to an Experian error, contact our Atlanta office today. We handle the following types of cases in CRA violations:

  • Incorrectly reporting a discharged debt
  • Reporting old information as new
  • Not removing credit information that is more than 7 years old
  • Mixing credit information of multiple parties
  • Failing to correct inaccurate information from the file when notified

Need help understanding your rights under the FCRA? Is Experian not responding or refusing to respond to your dispute letter? Let us help. We have Experian Dispute Lawyers in Atlanta waiting to repair your credit today. Contact Harman Law Firm today and schedule your free initial consultation.