Equifax Dispute

Equifax Dispute Lawyer

It can be horrifying and frustrating to realize you have an erroneous credit report that is keeping you from getting a job, qualifying for a loan or obtaining insurance for your family. While the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is designed to protect your credit rights, there are times when you need legal representation in fraud and financial dispute cases to fight for you. An inaccurate or incomplete credit report can wreak havoc on your future plans for financial stability and success. Let Harman Law Firm step in and rectify your false credit report today. We have experienced false credit report lawyers who understand how to uphold your rights under the FCRA and successfully fight credit reporting agencies that are guilty of violations.

Harman Law Firm has a proven track record in defending clients against primary credit reporting agencies (CRAs), including Equifax. If you believe that your Equifax credit report is misrepresenting your true or factual credit score, we can help you. While you are entitled to file a dispute with Equifax for your falsified credit report, if the agency doesn’t respond in a timely manner or fails to respond altogether, you may need to take legal action to reverse the damage.

Our Atlanta law office offers knowledgeable assistance when it comes to fixing credit, credit correction, credit repair and credit rehabilitation.

Repair Your False Credit Report

Equifax is a credit bureau that is required under federal and state law to conform to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When CRA violations occur, consumers may see a low credit score, denial of credit or high interest rate. These situations always need to be investigated. Erroneous credit reporting can take on many forms. Examples of CRA violations that our Equifax Dispute Lawyers can contest include the following:

  • Failing to report a discharged debt in bankruptcy
  • Reporting information older than seven years
  • Reporting old debts as new
  • Reporting a debt which was settled
  • Mixing credit information between two parties
  • Failing to correct inaccurate information from the debtor’s file

If you are a victim of a false credit report involving Equifax, turn to Harman Law Firm. We can help you understand your rights, and most importantly repair your credit. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.