Old Tools May Be Unreliable for Diagnosis

By 2019, everyone is aware of that breast cancer kills. Many, if not most, have loved ones who have been affected by it. Over time, the research community has created treatments and diagnostic tools including thermography, mammograms, chemotherapy drugs, and radiation.

Tools and treatments may become obsolete as newer technology is developed. When primitive tools are advertised as better than modern ones or are promoted to have a use or function that is not possible, there can be a real problem with patient treatment and care.

Holistic Health Hype

Patients who are leery of western medicine may prefer to take a path that includes less radiation. With that in mind, healthcare providers that offer holistic treatments have been advertising thermography as a diagnostic tool that is separate or even superior to a mammogram.

The problem with this is that thermography is neither a standalone tool, nor remotely superior to mammography for the diagnosis of breast cancer, particularly in the early stages. It is less sensitive than mammography and also produces a large number of false positives for women without breast cancer.

The potential for damage to patients and families who rely on thermography is immense. Cancer can be very aggressive. An early missed diagnosis (or misdiagnosis!) can be completely devastating to a woman’s health.

Fight Back in Atlanta

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