Medtronic Recalls Heart Function Equipment

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Defective Medical Device InjuriesYour heart pumps life through your veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to each organ and system. You live to the beat of your heart, and when it stops, so do you. For some people, the cessation of the heartbeat or an irregular rhythm is an issue that can be corrected through surgery alone, yet others need the implantation of a device like a pacemaker. Whether you need corrective or implant surgery, you have to trust your surgeon and you also have to trust the manufacturer of the medical device.

Faulty Wiring in Common Medical and Cardiovascular Devices

Just this month, Medtronic, a major manufacturer of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy devices (CRT-ds) recalled a series of each one of their devices. These pieces of medical equipment provide electronic stimulation to keep your heart beating in rhythm. However, the recalled devices were manufactured with an error that could keep the lead wires from sending the electric stimulus.

For a heart that is beating to slow, this could cause major injury or even death. The FDA has labelled this a Class I recall, which is the most serious type. Patients who have had one of these devices implanted must undergo a second surgery to “explant” the faulty devices.

Speak Out – Get the Legal Help You Need

Whether your implant is part of this recall, or you have been part of a different recall with a faulty medical device, your voice needs to be heard. The medical manufacturing industry should see the patients that use their devices as people with lives rather than cold, sterile numbers. Contact the Harman Law Firm to find out how we can help you share your story and get the compensation you deserve.

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