Crime Resulting from Inadequate Security

The most recent FBI data on crime reveals that 381 per 100,000 people are victims of violent crime. These crimes include rape, homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. Most of us, though, do not consider the possibility of being a crime victim until it happens.

Inadequate Security Could Be a Cause

The failure of a property or business owner to provide adequate security measures could lead to violent crime. Examples of inadequate security are:

  • Poorly maintained properties
  • Improper or missing lighting
  • Broken security equipment
  • Failing to impose security measures in a known crime area
  • Failure to adequately vet employees for criminal history
  • Businesses that do not maintain proper security either inside or outside of the building
  • Allowing one employee to perform closing duties with no security present

How to Protect Against Inadequate Security

Business owners and property managers must be diligent in providing adequate security to the businesses they manage. Hotels, apartment buildings, parking lots, ATM machines and banks, office buildings and restaurants are all places where the incidence of violent crimes are heightened. For instance, if a business is in a known high-crime area, the business owner should have security guards to patrol the parking lot and the structure. Failure to properly protect employees and residents may be grounds for an inadequate security lawsuit.

If you are a tenant and have concerns with the lack of security in your apartment complex or workplace, be sure to direct your concerns to your employer or property manager. You have the right to be safe at work or at home, and you should expect that your employer or property manager will provide adequate security.

No one expects to be a victim of violent crime, but the injury is much more difficult to endure if you know proper security measures may have prevented it. If you have been the victim of violent crime, you deserve to be heard. Harman Law will listen and investigate your claim with respect and care. Call us today, or fill out a contact form to schedule your consultation.

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