Consumer Product Danger: Hoverboards are a Fire Risk

Metra, a major transportation system in Chicago, Illinois has banned the use of hoverboards on all of its modes of public trains. These electronic scooters are shown in several stories, and in video evidence, to catch fire while charging or spontaneously.

All U.S. Airlines have banned hoverboards from their buildings and aircraft given the fire danger. In 19 different states, hoverboard fires have been reported in residential homes.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 28 reports of fires due to this electronic scooter. The panel plans to work to determine the cause of these fires.

Bans of hoverboard use also exist in/at:

  • All resident halls in over 30 colleges across the nation
  • On all public New York City streets

Recalls are anticipated as more reports of fires due to the device surface. Manufacturers could be required to use different materials or methods of construction for these recreational devices to be deemed safe.

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