Civil Rights and the American Dream

Matt HarmanEnshrined in the idea of the American dream is the protection of civil rights. When injustices occur in a civilized society, citizens can legally protest and use their free speech to demand change. Whether a grievance is with a private citizen, business or person in authority doesn’t matter.

So long as protesters are not breaking the law, fighting for existing civil rights or petitioning for the extension of rights is a valid form of protest. Unfortunately, large and continuous protests can attract counter protesters and law enforcement. When tensions are high, it can lead to a situation where individuals are mistreated according to the law.

Police Brutality

Police brutality is a reoccurring reason for civilian protests. If you have exercised your freedom of speech to call authority to account, you may encounter police officers who act inappropriately. Detaining a protester without following correct protocols, denying rights or using excessive force are examples of police officers overstepping the mark and infringing on civil rights.

To protect your civil rights and ensure that you are afforded due process in accordance with the law, speak to an experienced lawyer in Atlanta or Augusta, GA today. The American dream is achievable and has become more inclusive over our country’s history, thanks to those who fought to secure rights for all U.S. citizens. Act quickly to preserve evidence and reduce the risk of a hasty trial that sees you being fined or sent to jail. A qualified lawyer can build a strong case to support claims of police brutality.

Call Harmon Law to fully describe your encounter with the police. If there are any incidents that constitute a breach of civil rights, we can help you get the justice you deserve. A consultation is the first step toward proving that the officer or officers who used excessive force are held accountable for their behavior.

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