Cardiac Device Malfunctions Can Be Deadly

Heart TestingThe call comes during dinner. It’s unexpected; your mom doesn’t usually call at this time. “Dad’s on the way to the ER,” she says. “It’s his heart.”

The rest of the conversation is a blur as you start a mental list of what you need to pack to go. It’s a good hospital; his cardiologist is there, you think to yourself. Medical knowledge and devices are so far advanced from where they were when your grandmother died of heart failure. He’ll be okay. But when you get to the hospital, you find out he’s not. Your father died while they were operating. Continue reading “Cardiac Device Malfunctions Can Be Deadly”

Allergy Alerts!

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Medical ProductsMore and more often, kids are diagnosed with a peanut, egg, or other allergy that causes swelling of the airway. In mild cases, a child may be able to take benadryl and be okay, but at any time, the allergy could turn deadly. For this reason, doctors prescribe an emergency dose of epinephrine in a one shot injection, to be carried with the patient in case of accidental exposure.

The name brand of this injection is Epi-Pen or Epi-Pen Jr, which contains a smaller dose for children. Adults and children alike rely on this device to halt the deadly condition known as anaphylactic shock (when an allergic reaction causes the airway to swell shut.) Continue reading “Allergy Alerts!”

Medtronic Recalls Heart Function Equipment

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Defective Medical Device InjuriesYour heart pumps life through your veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to each organ and system. You live to the beat of your heart, and when it stops, so do you. For some people, the cessation of the heartbeat or an irregular rhythm is an issue that can be corrected through surgery alone, yet others need the implantation of a device like a pacemaker. Whether you need corrective or implant surgery, you have to trust your surgeon and you also have to trust the manufacturer of the medical device. Continue reading “Medtronic Recalls Heart Function Equipment”

Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Drug and Medical Device InjuriesFaulty insulin infusion sets have been identified due to an error in which a vent membrane gets blocked with fluid. The membrane is intended to release pressure inside the pump. But when it blocked, it resulted in excessive doses of insulin.

The risk of getting a high insulin dose is greatest when the infusion set is changed out.

Fortunately, this flaw hasn’t resulted in any fatalities. Affected individuals noticed that their blood sugar was way too low and took action to counter it. Continue reading “Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports”

FDA Announces Recall on Abbott Vascular Coronary Catheters

Atlanta GA Personal Injury LawyersDoctors, hospitals, and patients alike are concerned about the recent recall of a line of coronary catheters. Three of Abbott Vascular’s products have a record of malfunction that has proven fatal in one case. Accordingly, Abbott voluntarily recalled these devices on March 22, 2017. Could this recall have affected you? Continue reading “FDA Announces Recall on Abbott Vascular Coronary Catheters”

Ultherapy Face and Nerve Damage

Ultherapy is marketed as a “non-invasive face lift” with “no downtime” and “natural results” that uses ultrasound technology to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and chest.  Unfortunately, many Ultherapy patients are reporting “botched” procedures resulting in permanent side effects and worsened appearance.  Cases of severe nerve damage, eye damage, and disfigurement have been reported following the treatment. Continue reading “Ultherapy Face and Nerve Damage”

3M Bair Hugger Warning: Infections Associated with Orthopedic Surgery

More than one dozen lawsuits have been filed against Bair in connection with the Bair Hugger warming blanket used during surgical procedures. Claims state that the device is defective. The warming blanket can come in contact with bacteria and contaminants on operating room floors, which can get into the procedure location causing infections and other serious illnesses. Continue reading “3M Bair Hugger Warning: Infections Associated with Orthopedic Surgery”