Faulty Medical Equipment Could Put You and Your Loved Ones at Risk

COVID-19 has exposed many shortcomings in the preparedness of the US in light of a pandemic. The novel coronavirus has laid bare the ways the country has failed to place a high importance on safety during a time of mass illness and death. One of the glaring issues at hand is how states are faced with the need to adequately provide hospitals and frontline workers with the appropriate protective gear and necessary equipment. Due to the lack of these materials, many states are forced to purchase equipment and supplies from sources that may not put quality first. Continue reading “Faulty Medical Equipment Could Put You and Your Loved Ones at Risk”

Medical Device Claims Lawyer

Surgery Atlanta, GAHave you suffered post-surgical complications after having a medical device implanted? The FDA has published millions of reports, which were previously protected by a loophole, detailing problems experienced by patients. In some cases, patients may have died as a result of potential defects or known adverse events associated with medical devices.

Companies were permitted, in accordance with the reporting law, to submit certain reports as summaries where the information contained was considered “duplicative.” This typically applied to adverse events that were already understood and recorded in previous reports. Continue reading “Medical Device Claims Lawyer”

Surgical Staplers Injury Lawsuit

Surgery Atlanta, GAIn a letter to healthcare providers, the FDA has acknowledged the worrying increase of medical complications associated with surgical staplers. Over the course of seven years, there were some 41,000 reports of surgical stapler incidents filed with the FDA. Of these, 9,000 serious injuries and 366 deaths occurred.

Surgical staplers are used to quickly and securely fasten tissue during a medical procedure or to close up wounds. Staplers are automatic machines that serve a similar function as classic sutures. Continue reading “Surgical Staplers Injury Lawsuit”

Have You Been Exposed?

Group of Doctors Atlanta GAEarlier this year, a New Mexico Med Spa was shut down for possibly exposing their clients to HIV and other bloodborne pathogens like Hepatitis through the “Vampire Facial” procedure.

The spa was owned and operated by a licensed cosmetologist; she was allowed to take care of hair & skin, but not licensed to handle the lower layers of skin or blood. Because of this, there have been strong doubts that medical equipment used for the “Vampire Facial” were sterilized or used in a safe manner, potentially causing a hazardous situation for customers and employees alike! Continue reading “Have You Been Exposed?”

There’s No Minor Surgery

Attorney Matt Harman of Harman Law Firm in AtlantaWhen you have surgery, you have expectations. You expect that when you go into the operating room, they’ll put the IV in your arm, the mask over your face, that you’ll blackout while counting backwards from 10. You expect to wake up in a well-lit room, warm, with a morphine pump in your hand to ward off the pain.

What would you do if you woke up still in the O.R., still with the mask on your face, able to feel your doctor performing your surgery? It’s a gruesome thought. One that could haunt your nightmares if you think about it too long. But it’s a scenario that’s not far off for some patients.
Continue reading “There’s No Minor Surgery”

Medical Devices: “New” Is Not Proven

With extraordinary advancements in healthcare, a wide range of medical devices continue to “escape scrutiny on their path to the American market,” as reported by Time Magazine in reference to the latest documentary released by Netflix in July 2018, The Bleeding Edge. From cobalt-based hip replacements to vaginal mesh, surgical robotics, prosthetic limbs and pacemakers, complex, new-age devices are promoted, despite lax testing requirements and clinical trials. Consequently, devices that are “new,” not proven, have harmed both physicians and patients. Continue reading “Medical Devices: “New” Is Not Proven”

Knee Injections That Harm Instead of Heal

Osteoarthritis affects millions of people every day. It causes swelling and stiffening of joints and cartilage, making any movement painful. Though it can affect a younger person, there’s a greater chance of developing it after the age of 60.

Approximately 27-30 million Americans have osteoarthritis; for about half of those people, it affects their knees. Developing a treatment for it is crucial for many of those individuals, since the traditional treatment alone – taking an anti-inflammatory medication – wasn’t cutting it. Continue reading “Knee Injections That Harm Instead of Heal”

Essure: You May Have a Claim

Electing to undergo a permanent birth control procedure is a major decision, and one that you trust will be both effective and safe. Today, there are birth control options that involve implanted medical devices or products that prevent pregnancy. While it can be upsetting when any type of medical product fails, one that involves an implanted birth control device can result in complications that are especially serious. Sadly, thousands of women have reportedly suffered devastating side effects from a permanent birth control device called Essure. Stated complications include chronic pelvic pain, autoimmune responses, ectopic pregnancy, migraines and even death. Continue reading “Essure: You May Have a Claim”

Cardiac Device Malfunctions Can Be Deadly

Heart TestingThe call comes during dinner. It’s unexpected; your mom doesn’t usually call at this time. “Dad’s on the way to the ER,” she says. “It’s his heart.”

The rest of the conversation is a blur as you start a mental list of what you need to pack to go. It’s a good hospital; his cardiologist is there, you think to yourself. Medical knowledge and devices are so far advanced from where they were when your grandmother died of heart failure. He’ll be okay. But when you get to the hospital, you find out he’s not. Your father died while they were operating. Continue reading “Cardiac Device Malfunctions Can Be Deadly”

Allergy Alerts!

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Medical ProductsMore and more often, kids are diagnosed with a peanut, egg, or other allergy that causes swelling of the airway. In mild cases, a child may be able to take benadryl and be okay, but at any time, the allergy could turn deadly. For this reason, doctors prescribe an emergency dose of epinephrine in a one shot injection, to be carried with the patient in case of accidental exposure.

The name brand of this injection is Epi-Pen or Epi-Pen Jr, which contains a smaller dose for children. Adults and children alike rely on this device to halt the deadly condition known as anaphylactic shock (when an allergic reaction causes the airway to swell shut.) Continue reading “Allergy Alerts!”