The Fear of Coronavirus Among Corrections Workers

The topic on everyone’s minds is how to protect themselves from COVID-19 infection. This holds true among every group, including those who are incarcerated. The challenge of how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among inmates and prison staff is at the forefront of prison systems across the country. How do we protect inmates, and how do we protect the prison staff and their families from contracting and spreading the virus? Continue reading “The Fear of Coronavirus Among Corrections Workers”

Prison Suicide: When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Under federal and state law, every individual deserves to be treated humanely and given medical treatment when necessary. This includes those who have been sentenced to jail or another type of correctional facility. When prison authorities fail to properly care for inmates and injury, death or suicide, there may be evidence of negligence or even a violation of constitutional rights. Most recently, there has been attention on the rate of suicide in jail. These alarming statistics should not be ignored, as correctional facilities are also under obligation to address the mental health condition of its inmates. Continue reading “Prison Suicide: When Do You Need a Lawyer?”

Prison Medical Negligence Claims Lawyer

Inmates in jail, prison or any other type of correctional facility have a constitutional right to request and receive appropriate medical care. An investigation conducted by CNN has discovered numerous instances where the parties or entities responsible for providing such care have failed in their duty, leading to the potentially avoidable deaths of inmates in some cases.

As an inmate, you are entitled to receive medical, psychological or dental care that is provided by competent professionals. This includes receiving a diagnosis and any necessary referrals to outside medical resources that are better equipped to provide treatment. If you have suffered as the result of prison medical negligence, you are entitled to hire a claims lawyer to pursue fair compensation. Continue reading “Prison Medical Negligence Claims Lawyer”

Inmates Have Rights, Too!

Our law enforcement officers have a lot of responsibility, and often deserve honor for upholding the law and protecting citizens. However, the job isn’t finished when peace is restored. Once a person has been sentenced to time in prison, corrections officers are responsible for guarding and monitoring inmates. This includes the standard things you might expect like escorting them to meals, recreation or visiting periods. It also includes being aware and attentive when an inmate may need medical intervention! Continue reading “Inmates Have Rights, Too!”

Solitary Confinement – A Call To Action

Reserved for the most dangerous inmates, solitary confinement, at least for most of the 20th century, included spending 3-4 days in isolation. Supporters claim that the practice is standard for keeping prisons safe, while others call it “a prison within a prison,” as noted by Frontline. Even so, the overuse of solitary confinement today has human rights activists and others concerned about torturous conditions and the psychological impact—and rightfully so. Continue reading “Solitary Confinement – A Call To Action”

Detention Center Employee Placed on Investigative Leave in Gynnya McMillen Death Case

An investigation into the cause of Gynnya McMillen’s death is underway. As a result, a Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center employee has been placed on paid investigative leave. The employee’s name has not been released. Gynnya was in the facility for less than one day when she was found dead. Continue reading “Detention Center Employee Placed on Investigative Leave in Gynnya McMillen Death Case”

Atlanta Teen Dies in Juvenile Detention Center Custody – Federal Lawsuit Filed

On April 5, 2015, a 14-year old male committed suicide while in custody at an Atlanta Juvenile Detention Center.   Jimariya Davidson was held in deplorable conditions at the the Atlanta Metro Regional Youth Detention Center.

On December 7, 2015, Harman Law LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of Jimariya’s parents in federal court alleging violations of Jimariya’s Constitutional civil rights. Continue reading “Atlanta Teen Dies in Juvenile Detention Center Custody – Federal Lawsuit Filed”

Kentucky Teen, Gynnya McMillen, Found Dead at Lincoln Valley Regional Juvenile Detention Center

On January 11, 2016, Gynnya McMillen, a 16-year old female inmate at the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center, was found unresponsive. There are no answers available regarding her cause of death. Very little information is being provided as an investigation into details surrounding her death remains ongoing. Continue reading “Kentucky Teen, Gynnya McMillen, Found Dead at Lincoln Valley Regional Juvenile Detention Center”