Surgical Staplers Injury Lawsuit

Surgery Atlanta, GAIn a letter to healthcare providers, the FDA has acknowledged the worrying increase of medical complications associated with surgical staplers. Over the course of seven years, there were some 41,000 reports of surgical stapler incidents filed with the FDA. Of these, 9,000 serious injuries and 366 deaths occurred.

Surgical staplers are used to quickly and securely fasten tissue during a medical procedure or to close up wounds. Staplers are automatic machines that serve a similar function as classic sutures. Continue reading “Surgical Staplers Injury Lawsuit” Daycare Injury Lawsuits

Today’s parents are finding childcare to be more essential, more expensive and harder to find than ever before. Parents can’t afford not to work, so they must entrust their young family members to childcare services.

Some people try to meet this demand and generate income by setting up daycare in their homes and listing their businesses online. Desperate parents searching for affordable childcare jump at offers they find listed on sites like Continue reading “ Daycare Injury Lawsuits”

ATTENTION: Do You Take Uloric (Febuxostat) For A Type Of Arthritis Called Gout?

In light of a comprehensive review of results following a safety clinical trial assessing the use of Uloric (febuxostat) for gout, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has added a boxed warning to the drug, reporting an increased risk of death. As such, patients taking the gout medicine should report to their health care professional to discuss the benefits and risks of taking Uloric, especially if they have a history of heart problems or stroke. Furthermore, if patients taking Uloric are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is imperative to seek emergency medical care. Continue reading “ATTENTION: Do You Take Uloric (Febuxostat) For A Type Of Arthritis Called Gout?”

Solitary Confinement – A Call To Action

Reserved for the most dangerous inmates, solitary confinement, at least for most of the 20th century, included spending 3-4 days in isolation. Supporters claim that the practice is standard for keeping prisons safe, while others call it “a prison within a prison,” as noted by Frontline. Even so, the overuse of solitary confinement today has human rights activists and others concerned about torturous conditions and the psychological impact—and rightfully so. Continue reading “Solitary Confinement – A Call To Action”

No One Expects Their Car to Explode!

Imagine this: you come home from work and park in your garage. An hour later, while you’re sitting outside on your deck, your house shakes and your smoke alarms start to go off all over your house.

A quick investigation shows the problem coming from your garage and the area surrounding it. Even with a fire extinguisher and your water hose, you’re unable to put out the blaze that seems to have started in your car. When the fire fighters arrive, it takes them nearly an hour more to put it out. Continue reading “No One Expects Their Car to Explode!”

Injured by a Drunk Driver Over the Holidays?

Blue Siren Light on Top of Police CarDrunk driving is a problem every week across Atlanta, but the concern becomes an even bigger issue during times where people are engulfed in holiday activities. Whether the intoxication occurs as they’re battling depression of not being with their loved ones or having one too many at an open bar from a friend’s office party, the excuses for drunk driving are never ok.

Unfortunately, Atlanta families can find themselves the victim of another person’s bad judgement, once that intoxicated individual decides to get behind the wheel. Continue reading “Injured by a Drunk Driver Over the Holidays?”

Have You Been Exposed?

Group of Doctors Atlanta GAEarlier this year, a New Mexico Med Spa was shut down for possibly exposing their clients to HIV and other bloodborne pathogens like Hepatitis through the “Vampire Facial” procedure.

The spa was owned and operated by a licensed cosmetologist; she was allowed to take care of hair & skin, but not licensed to handle the lower layers of skin or blood. Because of this, there have been strong doubts that medical equipment used for the “Vampire Facial” were sterilized or used in a safe manner, potentially causing a hazardous situation for customers and employees alike! Continue reading “Have You Been Exposed?”

There’s No Minor Surgery

Attorney Matt Harman of Harman Law Firm in AtlantaWhen you have surgery, you have expectations. You expect that when you go into the operating room, they’ll put the IV in your arm, the mask over your face, that you’ll blackout while counting backwards from 10. You expect to wake up in a well-lit room, warm, with a morphine pump in your hand to ward off the pain.

What would you do if you woke up still in the O.R., still with the mask on your face, able to feel your doctor performing your surgery? It’s a gruesome thought. One that could haunt your nightmares if you think about it too long. But it’s a scenario that’s not far off for some patients.
Continue reading “There’s No Minor Surgery”

The Myth of Frivolous Lawsuits

Scales of Justice in Front of Laptop ComputerShining the light on the myth “frivolous lawsuits,” Trial Lawyers Association DC has recently posted on the video-sharing website, YouTube, pointing out the Wall Street Journal’s claim—87% of voters believe that “too many lawsuits are filed in America.” To be clear, “lawsuits” in this example is typically referring to civil lawsuits involving disputes between people or between a person and an organization, not criminal lawsuits. Even so, the question becomes, “why do people believe this way?”

The truth is, the number of civil lawsuits has been declining for decades. Yet, drug, oil and insurance companies continue to spend enormous amounts of money to fuel the myth that lawsuits are out of control. This is unfortunate, as the role of the civil justice system becomes misinterpreted and unappreciated. Continue reading “The Myth of Frivolous Lawsuits”

Southern Culture, Big City Crime

Person Holding and Shooting a Gun Atlanta GAAtlanta is a beautiful city to live in. History, entertainment, and southern culture oozes out our pores. But the metro-area is home to more than 5.6 million people and that means we also have our share of crime, including shootings.

Somebody Needs to Pay

No matter how many laws restrict the use of guns, it always seems like the people we don’t want to have them get them and use them in the worst possible ways. When they get caught, it’s possible to sue them in a civil suit, but their criminal case always takes priority. By the time the criminal case is completed, they will have been sentenced, and likely have nothing reserved to settle a civil case. But if you or a family victim have been a victim of a shooting, it’s possible that another party may be held responsible. Depending on the circumstances and where the shooting took place, the property owner may be at fault too. Continue reading “Southern Culture, Big City Crime”