What if You Have Been Misdiagnosed?

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Medical MisdiagnosisYou’ve visited your doctor feeling lethargic and weak. You’re diagnosed with depression, but you only find out much later that you actually have a thyroid disease.

Or perhaps what you were told was acid reflux turns out to be a serious case of throat cancer.

In both of these cases, starting the necessary treatment could have lessened or even prevented a much more serious problem – if you only found out in time. Continue reading “What if You Have Been Misdiagnosed?”

FDA Issues Warning on Infant Sleep Positioners

Atlanta GA Personal Injury LawyersThe FDA has issued an official warning on the use of sleep positioners meant to keep infants under the age of six months from rolling over.

Such devices are often marketed as reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, the FDA states that it has never approved any item for such use. There is no evidence that any product claiming to prevent SIDS can actually do so.

Baby sleep positioners may be labeled as “nests” or “anti-roll” supports or devices. Continue reading “FDA Issues Warning on Infant Sleep Positioners”

Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Drug and Medical Device InjuriesFaulty insulin infusion sets have been identified due to an error in which a vent membrane gets blocked with fluid. The membrane is intended to release pressure inside the pump. But when it blocked, it resulted in excessive doses of insulin.

The risk of getting a high insulin dose is greatest when the infusion set is changed out.

Fortunately, this flaw hasn’t resulted in any fatalities. Affected individuals noticed that their blood sugar was way too low and took action to counter it. Continue reading “Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports”

Think You Might be a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Here’s What to Do

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Credit Card FraudA Gwinnett County movie theater was the site for a credit card scam involving two employees may have compromised hundreds of bank and credit cards.

Eight people have already been confirmed to be affected by this scam.

Have you visited this theater complex any time from May through July of this year? You should seriously consider contacting your bank or credit card company to get new cards and numbers issued. Continue reading “Think You Might be a Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Here’s What to Do”

FDA Announces Recall on Abbott Vascular Coronary Catheters

Atlanta GA Personal Injury LawyersDoctors, hospitals, and patients alike are concerned about the recent recall of a line of coronary catheters. Three of Abbott Vascular’s products have a record of malfunction that has proven fatal in one case. Accordingly, Abbott voluntarily recalled these devices on March 22, 2017. Could this recall have affected you? Continue reading “FDA Announces Recall on Abbott Vascular Coronary Catheters”

OSHA Is Protecting Whistleblowers with New Settlement Guidelines

On September 9, 2016, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) released some new guidelines for employers with a whistleblowing employee.

OSHA-reviewed settlements between employees and employers revealed a disturbing trend: companies would use these documents to put red tape in place which prevented employees from taking independent legal action.
Continue reading “OSHA Is Protecting Whistleblowers with New Settlement Guidelines”