Hard Hat Recall: Are You Affected?

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Construction Site AccidentsIn 2014, a construction worker was killed on his work site. He was untrained on the equipment he was operating, and he had on no protective gear.

Construction workers throughout the world rely on their hard hats and other safety equipment to get them home from work and back to their families each day. When a hard hat or other safety gear fails, it affects not just the worker who gets injured, but their family as well. Imagine a wife’s heartache to receive the call that her husband was killed onsite, or the mother’s dismay at learning her son is in a coma in the hospital.

At the end of April 2018, Honeywell, a general manufacturer, issued a voluntary recall of hardhats that were made during specific time frames in 2016, 2017, and 2018. While the recall does not specify the problem, we can imagine the repercussions if an unreliable hard hat is in use during an accident. Continue reading “Hard Hat Recall: Are You Affected?”

When You Decide to Report Sexual Harassment

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Sexual Crime VictimsEvery day for the last two weeks, your new manager opens his mouth. He has something to say about your clothes and how you wear them. He has an explicit joke to tell. He is demeaning in how he addresses you, but expects the utmost respect in return.

Ever since he transferred to your department, your enthusiasm for your job has waned. Your only hope is that he retires or gets fired, but mostly, you are sure he is as stuck as you are.

You don’t want to cause an uproar, after all you need your income. But when he starts serving his suggestive words to a new employee and making inappropriate comments to customers, you realize you need to take action. But where should you start? Continue reading “When You Decide to Report Sexual Harassment”

Allergy Alerts!

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Medical ProductsMore and more often, kids are diagnosed with a peanut, egg, or other allergy that causes swelling of the airway. In mild cases, a child may be able to take benadryl and be okay, but at any time, the allergy could turn deadly. For this reason, doctors prescribe an emergency dose of epinephrine in a one shot injection, to be carried with the patient in case of accidental exposure.

The name brand of this injection is Epi-Pen or Epi-Pen Jr, which contains a smaller dose for children. Adults and children alike rely on this device to halt the deadly condition known as anaphylactic shock (when an allergic reaction causes the airway to swell shut.) Continue reading “Allergy Alerts!”

Medtronic Recalls Heart Function Equipment

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Defective Medical Device InjuriesYour heart pumps life through your veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to each organ and system. You live to the beat of your heart, and when it stops, so do you. For some people, the cessation of the heartbeat or an irregular rhythm is an issue that can be corrected through surgery alone, yet others need the implantation of a device like a pacemaker. Whether you need corrective or implant surgery, you have to trust your surgeon and you also have to trust the manufacturer of the medical device. Continue reading “Medtronic Recalls Heart Function Equipment”

Euthanasia Drug Found in Popular Dog Food

Our pets are our friends and members of our family. They wake us up in the morning and greet us when we come home at night. From the tips of their cold noses to the ends of their tails our animal family members are important to the health and emotional balance of our homes. We trust pet food manufacturers to make their products using ingredients that are nutrient rich to promote a healthy, active life for our animals. What we don’t expect, is for those producers to be negligent about the ingredients that go inside of them. Continue reading “Euthanasia Drug Found in Popular Dog Food”

FDA Warns Public of the Dangers of Injectable Silicone Fillers

Atlanta GA Personal Injury LawyersMost people set New Year’s resolutions to improve their appearance. For some, this means eating healthier or exercising more. But others are interested in saving up for quicker fixes such as body augmentation.

Body augmentation is nothing new, but there are new techniques constantly emerging on the market. One of the methods for filling out areas on the body to create a desired shape is injecting silicone oil.

Some practitioners have provided injectable silicone treatment while claiming that it is an FDA-approved product. In fact, the FDA has not approved any injectable silicone product for augmenting the body, as a November 14, 2017 Safety Communication states. Continue reading “FDA Warns Public of the Dangers of Injectable Silicone Fillers”

What if You Have Been Misdiagnosed?

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Medical MisdiagnosisYou’ve visited your doctor feeling lethargic and weak. You’re diagnosed with depression, but you only find out much later that you actually have a thyroid disease.

Or perhaps what you were told was acid reflux turns out to be a serious case of throat cancer.

In both of these cases, starting the necessary treatment could have lessened or even prevented a much more serious problem – if you only found out in time. Continue reading “What if You Have Been Misdiagnosed?”

FDA Issues Warning on Infant Sleep Positioners

Atlanta GA Personal Injury LawyersThe FDA has issued an official warning on the use of sleep positioners meant to keep infants under the age of six months from rolling over.

Such devices are often marketed as reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, the FDA states that it has never approved any item for such use. There is no evidence that any product claiming to prevent SIDS can actually do so.

Baby sleep positioners may be labeled as “nests” or “anti-roll” supports or devices. Continue reading “FDA Issues Warning on Infant Sleep Positioners”

Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports

Atlanta GA Lawyers for Defective Drug and Medical Device InjuriesFaulty insulin infusion sets have been identified due to an error in which a vent membrane gets blocked with fluid. The membrane is intended to release pressure inside the pump. But when it blocked, it resulted in excessive doses of insulin.

The risk of getting a high insulin dose is greatest when the infusion set is changed out.

Fortunately, this flaw hasn’t resulted in any fatalities. Affected individuals noticed that their blood sugar was way too low and took action to counter it. Continue reading “Medtronic Diabetes Infusion Sets Recalled, FDA Reports”